Black Flower
Caprice Lyrics

Mmiq oeqis kel,
se ne torpe le o,

Tol, eri ar
Kole o, siqe kole o
Torstion ferio

Areor eo
Aoqisaqi leareo
Firneos i ne il o
Stio o,
Ne torpe aq
Ne frea mmeo aen no
Kole te o

Kodo to er
Sa ril aqe

Contributed by Camilla T. Suggest a correction in the comments below.
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Comments from YouTube:

Max Dracul

With this song...I imagine myself in the middle of a forest with the company of gnomes and fairies.


Hi there ! I discovered this band today, and I'd love to get more info about them and their language. Anyone has infos about them ? Are they still together ? Do they have website or somewhere to contact them or get infos ? Thanks in advance !

Katarzyna Cendrowska

cudo !!!!!!

Саня Оникс

Ух ты!


What language is that?


@Annie Pocalypse Ah! Thanks for the explanation.

Annie Pocalypse

It's Laoris, a language the band created :)

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