Too Much Time
Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band Lyrics

[Chorus:] I got too much time, too much time
I got too much time to be without love

In my life I've got a deep devotion
Wide as the sky and deep as the ocean
Every war that's waged makes me cry
Every bird that goes by gets me high

[Spoken: Sometimes when it's late and I'm a little bit hungry I heat
up some old stale beans, open up a can of sardines, eat crackers and
dreams of somebody to cook for me.]

[Repeat chorus, verse and chorus]

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Eric Armstrong

"Sometimes when its late and I'm a little hungry. I heat up some old stale beans, open a can of sardines eat crackers and dream about someone to cook for me" The most brilliant line ever

Dean Fordi

Commercially brilliant

B Fox

A God line....


It says something about my life 😅


it's 4AM and i cracked open a can of kippered herring and round crackers while listening to this lmao


I love it so much 😂

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mister E

One of Brian Eno's favorite songs of all time.

Jared Harsanyi

This is the poppiest Beefheart song I've ever heard haha, should have been a hit.

Rich Blacker

Try Observatory Crest from Blue Jeans and Moonbeams of you want popier Beefheart...

g medeiros

It is so perfect when I listen to it I go into trance mode and levitate .
Clear spot is a classic overlooked

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