Will Bleed Amen
Cardiacs Lyrics

Same thing everyone doing thee
And don't even know if it's been planned
They will attack and kill

Don't even think about it
Not one of us, not one of you
But two hundred thousand

Snapping at the arms of the big padded body with a black dog
Gags and fills out with sock
No longer heaven keen birdy swoop down to address its mess
Pretends its Jesus

Missed that chance to sing
Missed that only chance
Dying to snatch eden
Charm enough to choke
All gag and bleed with gusto
Will bleed amen

"Find no good no kind but find guilties of sins
Sufficient enough to hang an army"

So in
God save the past
So in it makes me nothing like these
Not out
Not sorry leaving me all not sorry I breathed

"They will attack and kill
Attack and kill they will
The where and the how I leave to you"

And in all this glory
Was high as ninety was high as say
Eats his words as they die in his mouth
Eats his words as they
Choke the tic as it grows
Catchy lays of its eggs in her turfy thrill
And lost them on her lawn
Wishing could brush them all aside
But still

So be it all lucky charm
Enough to choke
All bleed and all gag with gusto
Will bleed amen

Contributed by Joshua L. Suggest a correction in the comments below.
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Comments from YouTube:


My favourite song, by any band. Ever.

Frank Camiola

Its up there! Dirty Boy edges it by a hair for me, but not by much. Big Ship too, and Home of Fadeless Splendour. RIP Tim

Hox Vox

This is lightly and gracefully floating above humankind possibilities.

Steve Borovac

Absolutely brilliant! The masters of time signature and key changes. Peerless.


This entire album is absolute genius. They really need to re-issue their stuff its all so stupidly expensive to buy at the moment.


well have i got good news for you

CaseyC Benn

Secret like Swans at the end? :D

Salami Mamí

this song is terrifying. i love it.

Paul Fréjus

I did not know this album. It is quite a surprise. And I love it.

Hox Vox


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