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I'm A Free Man
Carl Klang Lyrics

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Skrewdriver Times are hard and times will get much harder For the…

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All Is Fair in Love and War Gordon Kahl was right When he made his famous stand Heaven k…
All Is Fair in Love and War (Ode to Gordon Kahl) Gordon Kahl was right When he made his famous stand Heaven k…
Blinded by the Lies How can I convince you When your ears refuse to hear? You…
Don't Go Castin' Your Pearls Well guess who called me the other day A TV reporter…
Evil Filthy Rotten Conspiracy Now have you seen them flying saucers Or some of them…
Evil, Filthy, Rotten Conspiracy Now have you seen them flying saucers Or some of them…
Hang 'em High A bureaucrat woke up one day with nothin' much to…
I Am the Unknown Soldier I am the unknown soldier Some call me M.I.A. Some…
I Want To Be An Extremist As Mrs. and Mr. America fret, they huddle 'round their…
I'm the Resister Did you think your plans were secret, When you left your…
It's Not Over Until We Win How the tears of joy shall flow and our smiles…
Peacekeeping Forces When your nation is floundering in a sea of phony…
Rock Them in Their Ivory Towers If not you then who will take a stand? If not…
Seventeen Little Children Just in case you don’t remember Let me jog your memory In…
The News Behind the News Have you ever stopped to wonder why the world's in…
They're Taking the Patriots Away Siemore en la oscuridad La voz no tiene sentido El silencio …
We Want This Country Back I had this crazy dream About some folks who loved this…
Wheresoever Eagles Gather In the mountains up near Sandpoint, north of Naples Idaho …

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Carl has:
-stabbed a human 37 times and ate his hands off
-sunk a whole entire cruise ship by himself
-destroyed the entire South American government
-nuked a whole city
-ripped a hole in the fabric of space and time
-created a meat dragon out of shredded orphan bodies
-created a chair out of the faces of city council members
-framed his “friend”
-chopped an innocent person into tiny bits
-created a pit of blood and bones with a basilisk inside it too
-caused the apocalypse
-made an orb that would shock peoples nerves then eat their skin
-put a blood vortex over the Eifel tower
And committed too many other crimes for people to count


I just came back to this video, this series. I remember last time I watched this I was only 12. I remember crying at the end. I cried so hard I cried for an entire day. My family was worried about me, I didn't truly understand why I was crying but now, at 15, after much "character development" (realized trauma) I now understand why this made me cry so incredibly hard.

I related to Carl, and had Narcissistic Personality Disorder. As a narcissist, I do not feel empathy, have a very fragile self image, need to feel superior to other people just to be happy, and invalidation means that I must be worthless, and I often get very upset, angry, and sad when faced with social rejection. Looking back on this I realize how me and Carl were both so oblivious to our own actions, and how they could ever be responsible for their own acts. Even when met with the realization that it's truly wrong and our fault, what does it matter?? Just do it anyway right?? It becomes so hard to learn from our mistakes, and getting help is near impossible because our very existence is demonized. But then we lose the one person who may accept us, who tries to love us, but our fucked up actions rightfully serve as their reason to leave the relationship, and we begin to suffer from true delusion, caught up in everything. And when Carl at the end finally kills himself. He truly accepted everything was his fault, and the only person he loved is not just out of his life, but gone.

All of this message captivated by people who probably weren't even aware at the sheer humanity they have to given to a fucking llama in a sleeping cap. Carl with no where to turn to takes his life. And I was truly horrified that I'd end up like him, because I was always so alone, no one ever understanding, but now I've gotten better. And I just, can't help but still cry when I see Karl scream his own name in delusion as he takes his own life.

No one will see this, but I just felt the need to get it out, if anyone's reading this, thank you.

Edit: So many people have seen this. and i thank you, i have a therapist, i have help, a psychiatrist, things have been getting better. I am a proud jew and do not need jesus tho i thank your kindness :) i believe in god in my own manner, and survive without empathy in my own manner. I'm okay now, everyday i do slightly get better, i did not mean for this message to be a downer, but a realization and a relation for others to see. I thank you all <3 gn.


All of the outro songs in order
1:07 Episode 1
2:27 Episode 2
3:49 Episode 3
5:26 Episode 4
6:56 Episode 5
8:20 Episode 6
9:36 Episode 7
11:21 Episode 8
12:45 Episode 9
14:32 Episode 10
15:59 Episode 11
18:00 Episode 12

Creepy how it slowly gets more distorted, and then resets back to Episode 1.

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Started as a dark comedy, and slowly evolved into a psychological tragedy

Mario Flores



Sadly thats true

Seth Josiah

Don’t all film or videos

• JONIN Animate •


Ashley Efaw

Dark yet hilarious

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I will never forget that line.
“That’s what forgiveness sounds like. Screaming, then silence.”

person 2.0

@TheOnionCat 🤓

Dylan Balingit

i quote 'Society. Society and the swans.' on the daily

Athena Grace

@TheOnionCat wut

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