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Dead But Still Cooking
Carlton Rara Lyrics

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Choukoun S'ou vle we yon bel moun Se pou ou vin ave'n…

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@Lynsey17 I want to make a Devil's Advocate counter here, two actually. First the short one: "Wait until it's legal" sounds sketchy, but only when making assumptions. It could be "This is an automatic no until you're old enough to be certain in making a mature, responsible and independent assessment of your feelings." I mean, isn't refusing to date someone under age the position we want people to take?

Second... this will take a minute. The basic argument is that if a couple met when one of them was underage, and there's an age gap, then it's wrong for them to start dating even when the younger person is in their 20s. The thing that makes that arguable is the age gap, but there are some implications that are unsettling in the opposite direction.

Consider two childhood friends of the same age, if we apply a presumption of familiarity constituting grooming or "having someone waiting for you" affecting a possible relationship, how old do they have to be before we stop scrutinising them for manipulation?
For that matter, teens are just as capable of manipulating or grooming others of their own age and the core principle here is that minors are less able to make reasonable judgements about their actions, why does being older come with an assumption of decreased morals and responsibility in this case? I'm probably overlooking a good line of reasoning but it still feels sketchy.

Why is there an assumption that a person doesn't have a positive change in feelings after becoming an adult? The claim "then got to my early 20s and realised my friend is actually pretty attractive" gets treated very differently than a claim identical in all but the realisation that the friend was "actually pretty infuriating"... the point I'm trying to make is that there's an assumption that an adult can't independently develop genuine feelings for someone they've known since even adultescence, an assumption that they must have held those feelings since before we consider them to be mature. It doesn't even relate to an age gap, though that seems to increase conviction in the assumption, childhood friends developing romance after becoming "adults" is considered interesting or unusual enough to be a plot feature in countless stories.

One more question before this gets too long... At what point do we stop treating adults "extended minors"? It's hard to express but a short version is: Shouldn't two adults in a potentially abusive relationship, that was started as adults, receive identical treatment regarding that potential abuse regardless of how long those adults have known each other? Not a suggestion we shouldn't be super protective of minors, rather a distaste for how little society seems to care about toxic and manipulative behaviour between adults.

McNulty's Sober Companion

On the face of it, I don't really care that Dane Cook, 50, is engaged to a 23 year old. An interpretation could even be that assuming a 23 year old woman isn't mature enough to decide for herself who she wants to be with is condescending in and of itself. If two people are legal and consenting and they can tolerate each other, I consider that a miracle and all power to them.

It really doesn't matter to me as long as everyone's happy and healthy.

The only thing about Cook's situation that is maybe strange is how DeFranco mentioned, offhand, how Cook apparently met her as a teenager, after which DeFranco subtly implies that Cook groomed her. That's a pretty serious accusation and pesronally I'd prefer to know about specifics before I go endorsing it. Unfortunately DeFranco, in my opinion, has been veering towards an increasingly glib delivery the last few months, and expecting him to elaborate is asking too much.

If Cook met her when she was 14 and served as a kind of father figure, that would color their relatinonship a lot darker. For me.

But if Cook met her when she was 18 or 19 and they had only few inconsequential interactions before she became a little older, that's something else.

I don't know. DeFranco thought elaboration wasn't worth it.

BTS Army

@Courtney Luk Ah OK, understand.

I think fetishizing age is harmless, so long as it's discussed openly and early, but within limits. If it's especially deviant, as in extremely old or young, then there's likely a morality and/or psychological issue which needs to be addressed.

For myself I prefer women in their 20's and I'm in my 30's. Ironically, since I've travelled most of my adult life I've not yet married or had children, so the attraction is also largely rooted in fundamental similarities - as I'm not attracted to someone who has already crossed these bridges.
In terms of race, I'm physically attracted to both East Asians and White Caucasians, but the Asian attraction more often wins out overall due to a generally higher sense of femininity (with plenty of exceptions of course).

But yeah, given your height and appearance I'd be wary as well, especially of strangers, so you're right to be caution and move slowly. Focusing on men somewhat connected to your social circle would be a good move, though limiting.
It's obviously not fair that you have to deal with that, but I suppose any especially petit woman with a babyface would, regardless of race.

Does that clear it up? Happy to share my perspective, since I didn't know you were going through all that and hope it helps.

So how hard is it for you to find a partner? Are you inundated with creeps or is it rare? Is this really the norm among young Asian women in (I presume) America?

BTS Army

@Courtney Luk Of course a partner can be potentially coerced or manipulated into consenting to all manner of things against their interest.

If the submissive partner is toxic, they can weaponize youth, beauty, sex, love, the relationship itself, and even the threat of taking the children from a marriage claiming abuse. Consider a sociopathic gold-digger.

If the dominant partner is toxic, they can weaponize physical strength, social status, wealth, maturity, etc.

The point is that toxicity is caused by toxic people, not the myopic material-based power dynamic which you seem to envision.

Suffice to say that in a healthy relationship between good people, the dominant partner will put the submissive partner first, something akin to the cliche archetype of the White Knight and the Princess, never wanting dominance nor the partner to feel submissive.

In any case, I appreciate your polite replies and happy to address other concerns.

ash mx

I don’t like it when Phil doesn’t look at both sides of the dating age gap argument… he does this a lot by villainizing the men part but when women do it, it’s all gee…

What about:
- Jennifer Lopez and Casper Smart
- Lisa Bonet and Jason Momoa
- Tina Turner and Erwin Bach
- Sam Taylor-Johnson and Aaron Taylor-Johnson

And so many more…

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Local Menace

If your pastor is poor-shaming you, might be time to check in with the law about the church’s “tax exempt” status, just saying…

Tracy In your facey

@TeamYouTube @philipDefranco - stop this scamming!

Nad Senoj

Removing the tax exemption would save the church.
After removal, just watch all the tax dodging dirt bags, abandon ship! Then what's left?
True believers. Only true believers can save the crumbling foundation of the churches. I'm not religious, not even a little. But the passion those that truly believe offer, is very compelling.

Anthony Keene



@Suen Zhong - one other thing, too - evidence points to Jesus being a craftsman (either carpenter or possibly stonemason) himself - that his ministry was not his only source of employment . So, even JESUS, traditionally speaking, HAD A JOB. 😂

Tiffany Roberson

@footckeyball churches ALREADY influence the government and laws. Just look at anti-abortion legislation and the vast majority of conservative congresspeople that support anti-abortion and anti-contraception bills. Might as well tax then if they already have as much influence as Amazon and the like!

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Arymilla Rosewood

I remember being 14 dating a 19 year old. At the time I didn't see the problem and no one said anything but now that I'm older... someone should have stopped it. He definitely was pressuring into sex situations and I'm lucky I was strong enough to fight back and he gave up after putting in a year of work.

He actually said the words "if you slept with me we would still be together" after we broke up and I remember telling him that's make me glad I didn't because a guy worth sleeping with would wait till I was ready. This could have been so much worse but he was a small guy who couldn't over power me so he only had mind games to use on me. Which for a lot of young girls dating a older guy wouldn't take much.

Killzone Inc.

Sounds a lot like 14 year old guys too...

Trans Alien Trucking

@Arymilla Rosewood I feel this is being gender biased. Both were kids of you ask any actual adult. If they were the same gender, or a progressive gender it would have been seen as fine. This is more from the extremist TERF'S & their agenda to make anyone male presenting out to be the villain when they do age difference to in relationships without a bat of an eye. If they're both teenagers get real, you only care because one teen identifies as male.


well done you, most people fall into pressure and it aint worth it

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