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Carlton Rara Lyrics

We have lyrics for these tracks by Carlton Rara:

Choukoun S'ou vle we yon bel moun Se pou ou vin ave'n…

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Most interesting comment from YouTube:

Fars Fuad

there is a way , using both "gsheet flutter package" and "google sheet api"

if you could make a video of them and how to use it , i will be very thankful

here is the links :

gsheet package:

How to get api from google sheet :

All comments from YouTube:

Roger Colque

can record new entrys or update with this method?

Edison Gaibor Conde

Bro, You can make a video passing the data from the spreadsheet to a table in html? Thanks bro


dude, you are a legend! I just tried it and everything worked..

Jason Boyce

Thanks for this video, I’ve used this for a couple of different friends who needed a super basic web “application” they could manage from a spreadsheet, and it’s been great to just make this in 20 minutes and hand it over to them

DJ Juan Cuba

Amazing this is exactly what i was looking for ! Do you know how i could stock a specific cell text content in a var ?


Thanks for sharing! Exactly what I'm looking for. Going to play around with it a bit now.

Gareth Steedman

Ive been trying this but when I add my spreadsheet ID in, it opens the code page but its not editable... Any suggestions? Everything is there as in your video but cant do anything with it

ignatius maziofa

thanks bro. question, how can i do filtering with say a specific field


You can just use basic javascript functions such as filter: to filter the object and return specific ids. There'll be plenty of vids on YT showing how to do this!

Lluckycast IRL

Cool idea man, I just started a bootcamp and barely understand the syntax but keep up the videos. I need more ideas to understand what is capable.

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