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by Carman

Well I got this friend named T.J. Clyde
Who sees this strength of God inside
So he says to me, "Hey, I want Some-O-Dat"

I say Clide it's easy as one, two, three
You just say this simple prayer with me
He said, "Not me Bubba, but I still want Some-O-Dat"

OOh Some-O-Dat

Well I was sharing with this sales man Lyle
So he says with a million dollar smile
"Why that's interesting you know. Hey I'd like Some-O-Dat."

I said "Lyle you're gonna have to humble your pride and ask the Lord to come inside."

He said, "No-ho-ho-ho, but I still want Some-O-Dat."

Ooh Some-O-Dat

Well you can't find it
In astrology
That horoscope that you read is just a waste
You can't find it looking at the stars
Jupiter, the moon and Mars.
Cause you'll soon find that all you got was space.

Well my best friends Ray has got this niece
That sees within my eyes this peace
And yesterday she said
"I want Some-O-Dat"

Well I said "Hey Sugar, Now it's a breeze
Just talk with Jesus on your knees
She said, "I'm not the type but I still want Some-O-Dat"

Ooh they all want Some-O-Dat

Brother you can't find it
In a bottle
Or even when you pop a pill or two
You can't find it smoking dope or weed
Cause one fine day you're gonna see
That the dope that's being smoked my friend is you

Well if you're depressed
Then get used to it
Cause without Jesus
You have blew it
He's the only one who can give you Some-O-Dat

Why not try the Lord for goodness sake
You'll be happy as a dog with a T-bone steak
Then you can say "HEY, I got Some-O-Dat

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