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The Master's Hand
by Carman

I walked into the church that night
Thought that I'd drop by the side
So I sat down
I laughed in spite of all my blues
It's really not the type of place
I used to hang around
I looked ahead and saw a man
And watched him close as he began to speak
That certain day
And it seemed like something deep inside
Had seized my soul and though I tried
To shake it
It wouldn't go away

It was as though the words he said
Would echo back inside my head
I almost cried
I'd be a fool so I suppose
Then somehow got my self composed
And held it inside
I felt the blood rush through my wrist
The tighter that I squeezed my fist
Determined not to let conviction start
Then with all my wisdom left behind
I somehow saw that I was blind
And then slowly
Let his presence fill my heart

As everyone stepped to their feet
I managed to somehow to repeat the prayer
That they were praying
Then I dropped my head and I dropped my eyes
And suddenly I realized
Just what I was saying
Through trembling lips
And streaming tears
I envied all those wasted years
Of dreams I'd built on sand
Unloading all my guilt and wrong
I somehow felt both weak and strong
The night I took the Master's hand

As I look back remembering
I still recall
How everything just seemed different than before
How every house and bird and tree
Was strangely beautiful to me
And people were even more
How could I have been so blind
To rush through life and never find
This rock on which I stand,
But when I whispered Jesus name
I knew I'd never be the same
The night I took the Master's hand

But when I whispered Jesus name
I knew I'd never be the same
The night I took the Master's hand

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