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by Carpathian Forest

From the ashes he returns
Through the seal of the dark
He looks upon the enchanting moon
His lips are dry
And crave for human blood

Through all centuries
We see the horizon clearly
Deep in our hearts
Under the shelter of a tree

It lives in the well of time
The ancient dread of non-existence
Close your eyes, it leads the way
(To the) Treasure throne of memories

This is the emptiness
This is life
Make a final sign
(And) Leave the world behind

Contributed by Daniel S. Suggest a correction in the comments below.
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Comments from YouTube:

Tentando Um Cover

Very cool listen to a saxophone in Black Metal \m/

Alucarda Bellows

This whole album blows my mind, but this song sticks out from the rest!


Genial.... pain... nostalgia....

Nicolas Alvarez

GIGIM XUL 218 3 de enero descubro esta banda

Goddess Of Darkness

listen to this track in total darkness.If you can in a forest...with a chalice full of warm blood...take a sip...the elixar of life...and death....bloooooood........


Huh? Saxophone? Interesting...


was not expecting to hear a sax. that was different.


ThatMetalGirl After all I do believe the sax is considered to be "the devil's horn" by some.

Sara Link

Hail !carpathian forest....

Dorota P

This lyrics are so minigfull. This is a good piece of writing. It allows to make many interpretations.

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