As The Footsteps Die Out Forever
Catch 22 Lyrics

She was diagnosed on a Friday, the kids were almost home, the kids were on their way back home from school, lying face down in the gutter of unaccomplished dreams and broken memories of things to come, "Sorry ma'am, I really am. I had to break the news. I had to make the phone call to tell you that you're due, you know where, I'll tell you when, and I suggest you start living these next three weeks, the best way that you can." Every night for three long weeks, she'd roam the hallways half asleep and as the footsteps fade away in my mind, I could swear, I could swear, I heard her say: Don't wait for me, I've got a lot to do I've got a lot to be and in the end maybe I'll see you there. Lost her strength on a saturday. Spent the day in bed. Yeah, I'm fine, it's just the flu she said with a smile, but when they turned their backs, the tears would flow. She knew she only had a while to live to breathe to see to be to bleed to stand on her own two weakened feet "and so I pray everyday: don't take my mother away" and in the end maybe i'll see you there. You know i'll see you there and in the end i'll see you there.


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Ryan Pfeiffer

the older I get, the more this song makes my eyes sweat

Devin Bello

Ryan Pfeiffer hertz domut


My eyes are sweating right now. Yes, sweating. That's what I'll call it.

Alex P.

I'm thirty. Used to love this band (still do it turns out), and recently I downloaded Spotify to jog. I kinda had an idea what the song was about when I was younger, but for some reason never made out that first line... Man... So sad.

Robert Madej

+Ryan Pfeiffer
This shit got me through some hard times a decade ago bro. Know the feels

Thee Snoogans

RIP Steve. Was a buddy from the opivy forums back in 2001.. he passed away at 15 and was the first person that introduced Catch 22 into my life (before Thomas even left and started Streetlight). I'll never forget the post when we got the news he dies.. of his dad holding his drum sticks.. made me bawl still does to this day. That's why this band and their music is so important to me.


This along with the album titled song, 9mm, 1234, and dear Sergio were the songs that introduced me to this band, and ska music as a whole so I have to thank catch 22 for knowing how to make good and catch music and Tomas kalnoky for writing the lyrics to the great contribution to Valhalla and the gods of ska music, that is the album "Keasbey Nights"


My dad died of cancer at a young age this song makes me think of him. Been a fan since the 90s.


@braddestroyer saw my mom battle cancer for years, heard this song when I was in high school. song still breaks my heart but gives me strength at the same time. God i love this band.


I'm sorry about your dad! Know how it feels, cancer sucks! My 2 aunts died of that shit and my mother is dying of that too.

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