Hard To Impress
Catch 22 Lyrics

You say that you don't know me and you couldn't if you tried and your ignorance amazes me with every single lie. You say one thing and mean it then but then you can't decide. I would like to know. What did I do to earn your disrespect? An overrated importance of superior intellect. The words I say are not as big but does that mean a thing. I guess that I'll just stop. Trying to impress. [Chorus] I look at you and wonder what you're thinking. And what you say when I turn my back to you. Your arrogance powers your ego. You say that I don't know you but I've tried and tried and tried and I don't know what you're thinking when you look into my eyes. Is it positive or is it negative the trend. And it's funny the way you thought of me when I thought that we were friends. I'm glad it all worked out. The way I knew it would. I'm glad that I can stop. Trying to impress. [Repeat Chorus]


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Comments from YouTube:

Chuck Pepin

I'm still listening to this like a maniac for 20 years now.

Richard Keyser

Same here brother

Skullink 521

Kevin Gunther was my music teacher throughout elementary school

Sauly Bee

Me no but my bass guitar teacher did some session work for Sophie Elise bextor ?

Art Vandelay

bruh me too

jules leenders

I knew this band before but recently found ''washed up and through the ringer'' in a random thrift store in belgium which mostly had mozart and bach cd's laying around.

Jakov Doljani

caught them with reel big fish at the house of blues, best show I've seen still


don't which singer this is for 22 but he brought a GREAT edge to it!



Delaney Reeser

Having a total Catch 22 day:)

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