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Magnolia Blues
by Charley Patton

When your window gets dark, baby, (hang your lights up high).
When your window gets dark, baby,
(well, I wonder what's the matter with 'em?)
So I can see my Mandy come a-easin' (by)

I'm worried now, baby, (won't be worried long).
I'm worried now, baby, I won't be worried

Goin' away, baby, (won't be back no more).
I'm goin' away, mama, won't be back no . . .

I love my baby, and I'll (tell the world I do).
I love my faro, tell the world I do.
What made me love her, you'll come to love her too.

Got up this mornin', (I said my 'fore day prayer).
Got up this mornin'
I didn't have me nobody, speaking bible here.

Worried woman, (sing a worried song).
Takes a worried woman, sing a worried song.
I'm worried now, baby, I won't be worried

Writer(s): Charley Patton Copyright: Emi Longitude Music

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