Out Of Nowhere
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I studied Charlie Parker, Miles Davis, and Max Roach during my semester in Origins of Jazz. Before then, I listened to Jazz and enjoyed it. After learning and listening to these great musicians, I found a more in depth appreciation for Jazz as an art form. Now when I listen with my family, I hear it differently. Thank you to the beautiful people that were bestowed upon us to bless us with this wonderful sound called Jazz.


Bird’s tone could cut like a rapier or sing softly like an angel. He is the alto saxophone’s best exponent.


Charlie Parker is acclaimed worldwide as a genius for his contribution to music.
He is credited everywhere jazz is taught and millions of people all over the world have studied his improvisations.
Who was it who said 'A Bird only comes around once a century.' ?


Awesome as usual. I never get bored Charlie Parker lines. So melodic and creative.


The greatest sax player who ever lived


we know


Greatest musician full stop




right !! i study him and he changed my life ...


The greatest jazzman who ever lived.

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