All The Things You Are
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Yes. You are listening . Good for you! I love this side. Charlie Parker With Strings are my favourites. Alas, I also love the early dates with Diz, Slam, Cozy Cole, Billy Bauer, etc. Bird could swing any combo —even a large string section.
This is a nice transfer/remaster, but there are even better ones out there. Plus, with Sound Forge, Cedar, etc, and the right bass synthesizing filters you can lift existing subtle sub bass hits that Slam and Cozy are laying down. This technique does not add artificial content but simply enhances specific portions of the signal that your ear would not normally hear from the 78 RPM shellac disc. However, this same sub bass (without rumble), would certainly have been heard by the live mastering engineers. This era's lacquers are definitely high-fidelity. With modern gear we can now make metal parts sound almost as good as a lacquer. Even a good acetate can sound far better. Somewhere, there is a metal part of this side out there... Keep your eyes open!
This recording has been taken from a 78 RPM shellac pressing part. No metal or lacquer parts are known to exist for this side, but I think this improbable. Yes, no lacquers remain, as the insurance companies would not insure them (fire hazard); but surely there are metal parts, —stampers or mothers. When one is found, we will hear this in true High Fidelity. Also, as good as this transfer sounds, it can be done better. The commercial companies that own the original sound recording parts, will not expend the necessary time & money to remaster these precious parts as they deserve. The villain? In this case, Probably BMG. There are now only three major record companies out there! BMG (RCA Victor Holdings), WEA (Warner) and Sony (includes CBS, Columbia and a lot more).
Sad eh? BUT, today, almost ALL new music is coming from small independent labels that do not even need distribution from BMG, Sony or WEA.
There is NO record industry as I knew it when I was playing. It all ended by about 1995. The majors did NOT create a single standard physical package for all digital forms. This was awful as creating the package would have been easy. They could have simply used the standard 10" cardboard sleeve and put a slot in it for a USB stick, SD chip, etc. The retail shops still had all the original display cases, thus, no changes were needed at the brick and mortar shops. Plus, people could sill download the music and receive the packaging in the post. Music often sold because of clever and artistic album covers. I cannot remember how many new artists I discovered and liked simply because of a good album cover. E.g., —Janis Joplin's album cover drawn by the great Robert Crumb allowed me to discover Ms. Joplin. After that, I would buy ANY record that had a cover drawn by R. Crumb. And I still follow this personal rule! I am proud to say that I have NEVER purchased a bad record with a cover drawn by Mr. Robert Crumb. —In addition, record shops were better than the local pub for chatting up girls! Te local record shop that I lived near was THE social gather place for young people. This was called REAL social networking. Far more fun than VIRTUAL anything! I feel sad for the poor kids today whom have only VIRTUAL FRIENDS. These poor kids are growing up, but only VIRTUALLY. They are becoming VIRTUAL people , instead of VIRTUOUS people.
People liked album art and liner notes. It was all part of a salable package that has now been forgotten. No longer can artists record full albums that will be listened to like "Charlie Parker With Strings", "Abbey Road", or "The Other Side of Abbey Road". American has ignored its musical legacy and now the French and English know American Jazz better than most Americans.
I may be the last generation to have been able to make records, be professionally developed and be distributed by a record company. Of course, they screwed you, but if you could write enough new material that sold, you could make a living. Today my young nephews get 50 bucks for playing Jazz date and they are both top pros. This is criminal. As a pop performer, 45 years ago, I made many times this amount for a similar date. Later, when I played more Jazz and Blues dates, I was paid far less for music that was more difficult to play! (circa 1990s)
An English pop combo from Swindon called XTC has a catalogue created through over 40 years of top charting records. They were on Virgin Records for their entire career because of of the perfidious legal control that the record company's exercised. In the 1990s, XTC had to go on a labour strike (for EIGHT YEARS!) against Virgin to be paid an amount that was really just a middle-class income. (You cannot FORCE a person to be creative!). However, in those eight years, the two writers (Andy Partridge and Colin Moulding), worked in secret at their home studios. At the end of the strike, they had 4 or 5 albums worth of material ; —all top grade music. How they survived for eight years without pay; —well, Swindon is pretty cheap as the former industrial town is "Boarded Up". You may not know pop music well from circa 1978 - 2000, but these cats have a publishing catalogue that contains over 200 songs, —much of which were charted on Billboard's top 100. For pure quality and quantity they are rivaled only by the Beatles!
And, um, Dick James Music Publishing, LTD. obtained 90% of ALL Beatles publishing royalties from middle 1964 to 1974. Yes. this was insane. How? —'Tis a mystery, but most people are pretty sure that Dick James Music, LTD, literally BLACK-MAILED poor Brian Epstein, The Beatles' GAY manager. You see, at that time, the British laws regarding "sodomy" and particularly "obscenity" had not yet been repealed. Gay men were commonly given 6 month sentences in The Old Bailey for publicity kissing or holding hands. All it took was a single person to be outraged and file a complaint with the nearest P.C. —And "hard labour" was still a fact. They made the inmates tread a conveyor belt that could be controlled to be more or less difficult. Insane, but it was there. The same so-called sodomy law that ruined and killed Oscar Wilde, was not repealed until 1968! —A year after Mr. Epstein's death.
Sorry for the verbosity, but no one seems to care. —E.g., Chan Parker (Bird's wife) struggled to survive, financially, her entire life. This should be considered criminal. Shame on the former music industry.
At least the industry deserved what it got. BMG, WEA and Sony make 98% of their money on OLD content. And the "bling" and bravado of the young "rap" artists is all B.S. Those kids are being ripped-off just like the rest of us from previous generations.
A great example of the recording industry's perfidy was told and legally fought successfully by FRANK ZAPPA. This involved a perfidy called "pressing over-runs". Quite illegal, but who was looking? All the pressing plant personnel had to do continue using a pressing stamper a few thousand units more than was intended. These extra units were, of course, poor quality pressings, but they were still shipped and sold. Sold, but never recorded on the company's legal accounting ledgers. Who lost and how much? EVERYONE. E.g., any band; —say The Byrds or Randy Newman were cheated out of millions of dollars of publishing and unit payments. Zappa thought everyone was so high that they simply did not notice. But, Frank Zappa, was able to overturn former court rulings and recover millions of pounds and dollars for the artists. There are more than a few artists from the 1960s and 1970s who owe their retirements to Frank Zappa. Many of them do not even know why it was that they were finally paid their full earnings!

A new music industry has formed. A pitiful shadow of its former self. However, the greed-heads win again.

mabovithz elthz

You are the promised kiss of springtime
That makes the lonely winter seem long
You are the breathless hush of evening
That trembles on the brink of a lovely song
You are the angel glow that lights a star
The dearest things I know are what you are
Some day my happy arms will hold you
And some day I’ll know that moment divine
When all the things you are, are mine

All The Things You Are
詩:オスカー・ハマースタイン ⅱ

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"Music is your own experience, your own thoughts, your wisdom. If you don't live it, it won't come out of your horn. They teach you there's a boundary line to music. But, man, there's no boundary line to art." ~ Charlie Parker

Ole Birger Pedersen

Asger Jorn said :" If you don't go to the extreme there's no reason to go anywhere.

Ole Birger Pedersen

The great danish painter Ager Jorn once said :" If you don't go to the ecsgreme

Santiago Ortega

Gemini chocolade



willie otoole

When American classical music professors were bemoaning the lack of American 'classical' music to rival Europe's composers early in the 20th century they completely overlooked this fabulous music on their own doorstep. What a tragedy that so many great musicians were neglected in the country of their birth whose culture they enriched to a remarkable degree and that so many had to flee to Europe to find an appreciative audience. This piece is exquisite.

Dean And The Beans

Don't worry, history has spoken. Bird is now one of the immortals.


Ulises: yo tengo 41, soy músico, y apenas estoy descubriendo y estudiando el jazz; si tu lo haces a los 15, cuando yo no soportaba el jazz, pues es algo de lo que sentirte orgulloso: música tan compleja en los oídos de un quinceañero muestran que, por lo menos, el arte está en los ojos y oídos que lo disfrutan, y no sólamente en la edad y el estudio. No te des por vencido: como oyente lo más importante en musica es tener siempre los oídos bien abiertos y escuchar hasta lo trillado con pasión.


This song literally brought me, a grown man, to tears. Like for real, this is the most beautiful love song I’ve ever heard and there is not a single lyric.

Eira Rodriguez

Yo soy una vieja "bruja", de setenta y dos anos, me gusta jazz, musica clasica, y toda musica cual me pone sentir algo... llorar, reir, pensar o solamente pensar, consolarme, hay tantas cosas.

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