Autumn In New York
Charlie Parker Lyrics

You know the feeling of something half remembered
Of something that never happened, yet you recall it well
You know the feeling of recognizing someone
That you've never met as far as you could tell, well

Laura is the face in the misty light
Footsteps that you hear down the hall
The laugh that floats on a summer night
That you can never quite recall
And you see Laura on the train that is passing through
Those eyes, how familiar they seem
She gave your very first kiss to you
That was Laura but she's only a dream

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Could fit a 50's film noir:
It's a new year, a new beginning in a city that never sleeps, 1954. Discharged from army, last duty post, in Korea. Bought a new Chevy on my GI bill loan called a Corvette, black & chrome, 3-spd stick, drop top. Business starting slow for the new year at the private detective office, 12th floor, 33rd & Lexington. Windows stare into the dark, dimly lit streets, slow moving cars rushed to who knows, cold & and gray as a shark stare. I'm still haunted from returning from Korea that the Brooklyn Dodgers may plan to move to Los Angeles, I friggin hope not, they played only couple blocks from the office. Nothing better than weekends watching The Dodgers, called Bums, beating the tar outta Boston, couple cold brewskis, half dozen pups, makes the day.
Late evening sunset, took her out for a spin to Caldwell House,42ndst for a late nite nosh, about 5-blocks by Lexington subway. parked right out front, opening the door, the bell on top rings to let Sal know someone came in, I usually open & close it 3-times, Sal knows it's me.
Only 2 in Shaw's Diner, the other a young dame sitting at the counter, head in her hands sobbing red head, 25'ish, full figure, full length canvas London Fog slicker, low cut black pumps, hotter than a 2-dollar pistol on the 2a.m. street. She was money to someone, and definitely not happy.
Lit a lung dart, set it down in a partially filled butt tray, ordered black java & ham omelette, onions & extra swiss, rye toast, Shaw's omelettes are worth a gang fight in Brooklyn.
I was only off work about 1hr, still wearing the office garb, dark pork pie hat, gray long sleeved Henley shirt, dark gray felt trousers leather oxfords, mismatched socks, she never noticed.
Shuffled over to her as she begged the question, what's wrong honey, why's a real pretty girl like you down, so I asked the babe, she unwound like a fully automatic opening all chambers at once.......

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I will never understand how the "Parker and Strings" recordings are ever dismissed for their "commerciality..."
They're so goddam beautiful.


Because black people who recorded on whichever label were told they could not play with strings because they were black the didn’t understand string instrumentation. But the record company owners.

Jef Olson

After discovering the Bird with strings I started collecting "with strings" records- There are many. Some didnt work but most have some unusually gorgeous tracks. Like Chet Baker, Art Pepper(winter moon) Paul Desmond, Stan Getz. They all play with a different sound and emotional involvement than in the usual small combos. I have to include the Miles/Quincy Jones collaboration. Not strings but certainly an orchestra & legendary.Charlie Parker is really the original and still best of this sub genre.

jim partridge

there was I think that any attempt to produce a commercial recording was regarded as a betrayal of Jazz

Brian J. Carnevale

Back then the African Americans were looked down upon and to this daytjey still do not get enough credit to some of their masterful music that transcends generations, it really is timless! It so soothes the Soul.


I try to listen to this but it's hard. My older siblings who introduced this to my sister and I are gone now. We were little girls and would wait until the guys went to work, Dad was at work and mom in the living room....and we'd sneak and listen to this, careful not to 'scratch' the 78. I'm dating myself but we were really little and in love with beautiful sounds that defines us until this day. genius. I love it. ; )


@rick simpson it seems like yesterday. Thank you 😊

rick simpson

Beautiful story,


@Michael Shore thanks! 😊

Michael Shore

boomerang, if you're still out there, that's a story as beautiful as this music. thank you for sharing!

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