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Charlie Parker Quartet Lyrics

We have lyrics for 'Confirmation' by these artists:

Chris Smither I need confirmation of my duties, help me get my poor…
Justin Bieber Ain't nobody got no patience Want what they want right now…
Richie Spice Oh na-na-na na Na-na-na-na-na-na-na-na-na-na-na Ooh I guess …
Ringo Starr Sometimes I'm up Sometimes I'm down Sometimes I'm lost Bu…
The Manhattan Transfer I'm here to just confirm what I've been Really always sayin…
Westerman Staring at a horse, got dead legs It's got nothing going…
Wild Nothing I know it's calling your bluff, What a beautiful confirmati…

We have lyrics for these tracks by Charlie Parker Quartet:

I'm in the Mood for Love I'm in the mood for love Simply because you're near me. Funn…
Now Why don't you come over 'bout a quarter to nine Bring…
Now's The Time Why don't you come over 'bout a quarter to nine Bring…
Star Eyes Star eyes, That to me is what your eyes are, Soft as…
The Song Is You I hear music when I look at you, A beautiful theme…

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Most interesting comment from YouTube:


I’m 74 and always liked bebop & Jazz, but never listened that much. More blues, R&R, R&B, & misc.
Then recently Alexa moved in & I find myself asking more for Oscar Peterson (always been my fave),
but Bird, Coltrane, Art Tatum, Floyd Cramer (I know he doesn’t fit here) Oscar Brown, Sarah Vaughn, Johnny Mercer, and other stuff I kinda liked but didn’t think about much. But I have to cut back on Grateful Dead,
(& various R&R etc.) to find more time for this kind of stuff.

Sometimes when in Springfield Illinois we eat at Charlie Parker’s. No relation. Known for pancakes,
good food and there’s music memorabilia on the Quonset walls including a Bird (CP) poster.
THANKS for posting!

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Jesse Mitchell

Had to play this for my final exam in college!! I remember practicing all night long listening to this and reading the sheet music. I nailed it and was sooo proud of myself!! 🎷🎷🎷

Justyn Fogarty

@mississippi-halfstep thats funny, i do software as a career and jazz is my hobby, maybe one day ill make a career from music HAH

Alejandro Granada

I'm also proud of you, random internet musician


​@Shy Guy I really appreciate you all for this thread and sharing of stories . I've been struggling with trying to play music for 18 years...I tried learning Confirmation last year and didn't get very far. I lack motivation and discipline in all areas of my life. I can't figure out what to do with myself

Brother Caleb

@mississippi-halfstep music and computer and math seem to go hand in hand. I’ve similar passion for all. Good on you man!


Did it help you to improvise? I'm trying to figure out how to really get the most out of transcribing

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For those who care about such things. Al Haig on piano, Percy Heath bass and Max Roach drums (Rec.NYC July 28 1953) for Norman Granz Verve Records

Anthony Limaldi

Exactly why I just researched this vid

Lawrence Muller

Thank you. I do care. 😊


I was 2 living in NYC.

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