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Laird Baird
Charlie Parker Quartet Lyrics

We have lyrics for these tracks by Charlie Parker Quartet:

I'm in the Mood for Love I'm in the mood for love Simply because you're near me. Funn…
Now Why don't you come over 'bout a quarter to nine Bring…
Now's The Time Why don't you come over 'bout a quarter to nine Bring…
Star Eyes Star eyes, That to me is what your eyes are, Soft as…
The Song Is You I hear music when I look at you, A beautiful theme…

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Most interesting comment from YouTube:

wyndhl eodumegwu

Raef Black:

Professor "Bird" was/is the MAN - uppermost encased, flights ahead of that time and THIS TIME as well, despite all the tutor books and literature on the Rudiments and Theory of (Jazz) Music.

Charlie "Yardbird" Parker lives;

Long live Charlie "Yardbird" Parker!


- with respect!

All comments from YouTube:

Oscar Grillo

I draw pictures and Bird is more inspirational to me than many artists are

Aaron McCoy

his lines are brilliant in this. classical mixed with pure down home blues.

Harrison Ferlauto

Such a hip piano intro for 1952, Hank Jones was a great musician.


Thank you ! It´s so refreshing to hear Bird w. Hank & Co. after hearing some of the music that passes for jazz these days......

Gimme Some Music!

This song is so joyful. Parker makes it
sound effortless.

Dylan Gatenby

You just have to love the works of Charlie Parker.
Bird does great on this pretty chart.

Kurtis C.

This guy is a genius

Jasper Chance

never been a doubt ever

Dylan Gatenby


Oscar Grillo

" It's just music. It's playing clean and looking for the pretty notes."

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