Charmer, Back To Back, Belly To Belly (Zombie Jamboree): We need your help!

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Back To Back Belly To Belly
by Charmer

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I To I I, my, my, my, my Oh I, Can turn the gray sky…

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Comments from YouTube:

Ryan Reeves

It blows my mind that The Charmer is Louis Farrakhan. This is great stuff!


"Jumbie Jamboree" (aka Zombie Jamboree) was first performed by Lord Intruder at the 1953 Carnival in Port-of-Span, Trinidad. This is the first recorded version I am aware of. It was later covered by such artists as Lord Foodoos, The Wigglers, Kingston Trio, Harry Belafonte and others...


My music teacher played this song in the class... Took me real long to find this song


Omg I found it finally!!! I've been searching this song for like 15 years. It's been in my mind and finally I found it....don't really like it now that I'm older but I loved it when I was younger

Terry Hesticles

Shout out to John Sterling

Taylor Dan Smith

Literally my grandfather and uncle would play their guitars and sing this song with my whole family at every family function. ❤️👍🏼


this song gave me the chills

G. Saint Louis D'Dean Hardin

I have been lovin' this song for over ten years so THANK YOU for posting this older than any other version.  I can't wait for the big one when all of the identity deprived DEAD come dancing out to claim their real identities and rewards thereof.... A Dios...


This is a cover version. I believe the original song was composed for the 1953 T&T Carnival season by Conrad Eugene Mauge Jr also known as Lord Intruder.

Rudy Douglas

This brings back so many memories, my mama would play this every sunday whilst cooking.. i can almost smell the oxtail now

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