Chelsea Wolfe Lyrics

I saw the widow in the window waving down at me, heal your bones
I saw the bird circling above me, heal your bones
I had a vision of this but so painless, heal your bones
I opened the book to your birth-page and it said, heal your bones
I saw I saw
Heal your bones, heal your bones

Contributed by Jayden W. Suggest a correction in the comments below.
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Comments from YouTube:


as much as I adore her albums, I usually end up just watching live videos cause they are so damn good


This happens with a lot of her songs, I think she's still learning how to harness her power in the studio. Not that the studio versions are bad, these are just better. I get excited just thinking about what the next thing she puts out will sound like.

Sera Tonin

What he said

Jeremy Holmes

I need this version on vinyl BADLY!

Conor Hughes

I have a live Chelsea Wolfe vinyl I havent opened yet. Dont even know whats on it. Also, hey you from 4 years ago!

Dollhouse Massacre

This is one of my fav performances of Chelsea's, so much beautiful doom & gloom! <3

Jamie Van Beveren

This is so great. I never thought this song could make me want to dance so much. Heal your bones.


This is the best performance of WIDOW I've seen yet. I love it so much! :)


How dark and distant is her gaze !! How intense her performance !! I think I love her

Hunter Gatherer Jewelry Gatherer

this absolutely chills me to the core <3

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