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Chevonne Lyrics

We have lyrics for these tracks by Chevonne:

Titanium you shout it out but i cant hear a word you…

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Rose Sevenyears

I was so happy to see MPJ removing semicolons from code :D

+ a little tip :
You dont need curly brackets if you have one STATEMENT , one line isn't correct if I understand it right.
So...SetInterval+ everything inside is one statement , even if it's alooot of lines.

Same thing with for loops and maybe something else I can't get right now out of my head...



Is same thing as

Here...whole 2nd foor loop is 1 statement, so 1st one doesn't need braces.

And if we'll have 1 statement inside 2nd loop we'll have such beautifull loop as


With no braces at all.

Rose Sevenyears

@Shall Check function above.It's just 1 example of huge amount variations of simple 1 line functions which exist just to do 1 simple operation.
You'll never add something to functions like this.

And also if we'll talk about for , for each , for of , for in(if someone still use it), or something else wrote in 1 line it's still easy to add braces if you need.

I just prefer clean code, and get rid of each symbol I don't need (in readability increasing purposes !) and which just take space in my code and brain.'s up to you , how you gonna write your code , I just want to share info how it works , maybe it will be useful for someone :)

Rose Sevenyears

@Keegan.J13 yep, it's mostly useful if you're making simple short one line code :)
Also it's useful for short arrow functions like

const mult = x => x*2

Where 1 argument don't need parentheses + 1 statement don't need curly braces + it automatically "returns" result at this point:)

Which is same as

function mult (x){
__return x*2

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Shrangi Soni

Top 10 anime crossover

Web Programming UNPAS

2 of my favorite programming channel!!


Dan's American politeness (which is a kind of fake warmness and an American character by itself) and Matthias' Nordic bluntness draw a sharp contrast in this video:
Dan: I'm pretty sure I learned arrow functions from your videos.
Matthias: No, you didn't.
Me: Very typical encounter.

Visual Intelligence

The two extremes of JavaScript developers in one room

Marcelo Vera Salvatierra

This it's like Avengers

Wynter Alice

the most legendary pairing in existence!


This was great. 2 of my favorite channels.

Space Ninja

Dans reaction when the semicolon was deleted was my spirit animal. And then the line "your semicolons wont save u". Lol. fun fun funtastic.

LiveingMc -

NO :( i mised the live stream...
best colab ever btw

LiveingMc -

@MuabYT lol

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