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II. Worldstar
by Childish Gambino

Blow up
World Star before rap, you already know that
So Fresh Prince, they are about to bring the show back
Listening to Kilo, weekend cost a kilo
Hair so long, I'm about to bring the fro back
Phone call gotta say Moshi Moshi
Girlfriend actin' all washy washy
It's your birthday, make it earthquake
Fell in love with a nigga like a mermaid
(Daddy, I love him!)
That's a first date
Nobody think about it worst case
Best case, we the front page
10K on the first day
Yeah, motherfucker, take your phone out
To record this
Ain't nobody can ignore this
I'm more or less, a moral-less individual
Making movies with criminals
Tryin' to get them residuals
When it all go crazy
When I hear that action, I'm a be Scorcese
(My nigga hold it horizontal man, Be professional)


My girl ain't bad, she more like evil
When I'm lookin' in the mirror, how fly's this negro?
She on Hollywood and Vine
Thinkin' that she Hollywood on Vine
Makin' movies with her friends all the time
Showin' off her ass, that's a net twerk
But I saw through it like a wet shirt
Drive slow cause you might swerve off it
Still eat and the hate so salty
Put shrooms in my roommate's coffee
And got more likes than a white girl talking
More hits than a fight comp
Where they fight cops 'til they stop
When I heard shots
Watchin' dude drop from a Glock at a
Let me flash on 'em
We all big brother now
Lil' sis, let her run around
Money talkin', you know the sound
Brrrr, money counting
Brrrr, AK
Brrrr, cell phone
Brrrr, hello?

Yo, bro man, check out that video I just sent you, man
This shit's hilarious, man. It's like this kid, man
He got like, he got like hit on the side of the head
Man, he's like freakin' out
Like, it's like

We don't wanna be a (worldstar!)
And all I wanna be is a (worldstar!)

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Comments from YouTube:

Carrington Parks

my girl ain't bad, she more like evil 😂


yeah totally fuckin funny

Lemon G

This was such a of the moment song... because it captures the mindset of teens/young adults during 2014-2015 era in particular because screaming “world star” when there was even something vaguely concerning/shocking/sensational going on was so pervasive in a myriad of videos. Vine, YouTube, and twitter... everyone really did want to be on Worldstar
This song feels like 2015


@Lemon G no.

Lemon G

Derelict Country ok fat ass like I care

Derelict Country

song came out in 2013 tho lol

Johnny Guzman

I mean this song was released in 2013, so I mean it would make sense that it gives off those vibes.

tues xx

it takes me straight back to 2015

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this has always been one of his most underrated tracks imo.

idunno anymore

Childish Gambino is just underrated

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