Shoulda Known
Childish Gambino Lyrics

One love
You can let it out
You can let it out
You can let it out, cuz
Shoulda known, shoulda known
Shoulda known, shoulda known

Bino. I'm so for real-o
Green like I'm cee lo
Hangin' out with kilo... Kish
Smokin' on that keisha
I'mma need that visa
I'm working on everything that I'm touching man
I'm bussin' two white russians drinking themselves
But it's still ain't nothing yo
It's east side if you can't tell
North decatur and glendale
So fuck y'all, all y'all, if y'all don't like me... Good
Put that on my partner man, I wish a nigga would
I say we ain't playing man I hope that's understood
I'm in my zone though
Fucking round with that 4-0
Eating my mamas salmon but skipping on the risotto
Girl said that she need the follow
Tweet her and she'll do any
Man, I'm trying to stay off
Readin' em makes me angry
On the back on the tour bus
Recording the two of us
Stacks at the apple store
Man this ballin' is new to us
Trying to make amends
Bailing on all my friends
Nigga went to the clubs
And a beat to gucci instead
Man I'm feelin' right
My nigga fam yelling "don't stop"
Half my crew is always faded on some lowtop
Stopped drinking for the most part
My only vices all our pictures on my laptop
Screaming at me saying "I ain't what you really want"

Christina's parents baby all I make is milians
We got the shows, we got the paper, but I want respect
So tell the haters we ain't quitting yet
Let 'em know


[Verse 2:]
One love, the thing that hasn't changed
My parents lost their job
It's so cold in the a
Now that I'm 1%, I send most of it home
I want to stunt but she need to pay off her student loans
And everybody saying, "get it while you hitting man
We want them harder beats, that 808 you slipping man"
Dude is so stupid popping anything they hand me
In that parking lot pimping and politicking in miami
In that home of the d where they sell that cake batter
Heard a voice in the back, came from all the fake rappers
That I shitted on, shitted on
Shitted on, shitted on
Rap your soul, dude, let the mike blaze
Show 'em a-town, east side, all day
I put it on, I put it on
I put it on, I put it on
Life is somethin' imax
Film is at a climax
I ain't even started
Was it stupid I departed?
Man, probably, but now we do the things we always wanted
Be proud of me, cause I am undoubtedly a force to be reckoned with
Please somebody c** laude me
Graduated, anticipated the hatred and doubted me
Not a prodigy, just a hard worker from the dean's list
But most these rappers doin' so-so like a seamstress


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Comments from YouTube:

Tiffany C.

One day everybody sleepin on this dude is gonna wake up and this is going to be in the throwback childish gambino hits album they will make after he has retired.


2020 and when we are. Glad I was here from the start.

darian lofton

Too true

Bray Zap

Love this song still, another one of his songs that get no credit.

Ramen Fucc Boi

You must love being the comment right before the one above.

Anthony Garcia

I see you on a lot of drake and jhene aiko songs

Jorge Carbajal

A lot of his songs should get more credit than they actually get. They are soo much better than most popular rap songs out there

Bray Zap

@christopher white i play CS:GO and Heroes of the storm now, League perma banned my challenger account that i spent hundreds of dollars and many years on so i got the fuck out of that shit hole.

Chris White

Lol we should play league one day

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I feel like he's the only person I would like a Christmas album from.

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