Lucid Dream
Chords Lyrics

Like I was snatched out of a lucid dream
Starring you and me the story of two human beings
Intertwine the light divine we spun a million miles
I run for one million more for one more chance to feel that high
Just like times will fly feelings fade like misty morning
And I'm reminded every time I listen to our story
I love you more than ever baby and I miss you sorely
Tell your fam I love 'em too and send them kisses for me
I can't believe all of the love's gone
And all that's left of it a memory is a love song
Now just a soundtrack to a chapter we already wrote
But I would play it all the same I wouldn't change a note

[Hook x2]
If I could do it all over again
It wouldn't even change
I'd do it all the same

See now I realize that everything is for a purpose
And just like seasons change we rearrange we keep on searching
Still I feel like you and I we only scratched the surface
Two of us versus the universe it was almost perfect
Still I pray that we can find a way to hold it back
Before we melt into the ocean like the polar caps
But even if we can't get it back the way it's been
I don't regret it for a second wouldn't change a thing

[Hook x2]
If I could do it all over again
It wouldn't even change
I'd do it all the same

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Kiano Saechao

This would be easier if I had a guitar







Cindy T


Sassy_Gaming TTT


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Max Heckscher

Anyone else tryna learn this after he died

Taken way to soon 🙏😭🥤🌎

Nothing can take his music from us

Thirak Mehta

I cant like this comment and turn the 999 into 1k . 999 forever.

Luciano Z

The likes tho

Like a BOSS!

I wished he was still alive

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