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i'll keep holding on
Chords (The) Lyrics

We have lyrics for 'i'll keep holding on' by these artists:

Antony Costa I was feeling more than mystified Chasing all the demons…
Kim Burrell I keep holding on I'll keep holding on Time is filled with…
Miguel Bosé I know I must be crazy - to keep hanging…
Sonny James (Your love holding to your sweet love your love holding…
The Action (I'll keep on holdin' on) oh yes I will (I'll…
The Detroit Cobras (Mickey Stevenson/Ivy Jo Hunter) originally by Marvelettes …
The Marvelettes (I'll keep on holdin' on) oh yes I will (I'll keep…

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Sh-Boom Life could be a dream Life could be a dream, sh-boom Lif…

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Comments from YouTube:

james parr

ace track by the chords and the action what a tune

Mark McGinness.

Wished the The Jam had covered it as well. This is very good!


They had a live album with a good version of this song.

Geoff Gladding

That bloke in the black t-shirt has got a such a flat stomach!!!. Mmmmmm

Bilbao Modclub


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