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the brittish way of life
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Sh-Boom Life could be a dream Life could be a dream, sh-boom Lif…

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dirty streets like dirty dreams
????????????? for your best friend
plenty of shops with nothing in stock

never seems to end (never seems to end)

a cinema, a bowling green
a culture to preserve
everyone always staring at each other

but no one speaks a word

(is it a) dream or is it ??????????
(does it) always rain or is it sunny, sunny

this is the british way of life
i sallow my dreams like my beer
sunday dinner with the wife now
cos nothing new happens here

i work all week in the company office
don't even know my name
i feel so cold, make me feel old
nothing will ever change

drink with the boys every weekend
to the future and the queen
think i'll marry the girl who lives down the road
and support my local team

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Rob Windess-Holmes

I saw Chris Pope, perform this in November 2009 and it still sounds great!

darrin stevens

i remember buying this when i was 13 loved it then and still do great tune

Brian costello

What a great song fantastic memories

Michael Pisarik

The greatest time for kick ass..lived for the next Melody Maker and NME


The best band that came out of the revival, stifled by Polydor

Vincent 79

@Christopher Bull All I remember is the You need Wheels single, did they actually make an album?

Christopher Bull

@Vincent 79 Judged on one single,good album.

Vincent 79

@AgentOck The Merton Parkas were dreadful.


So many great bands from that era: Merton Parkas (I've never understood the hate), The Directions, Cigarettes, Small Hours... fantastic music.

Andy Newing

@Steve but for a debut Album what a statement and if only the'd had decent management they could have been massive

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