Chris Derek Lyrics

I feel the cold inside my bones
I want to be beneath your arms
This scent will never lie
And never discomfort our heart

Rolling on the bed and cuddling all day with you
This rain never stops as we love and breathe in the air

Relishing this scent of rain
We make our history and plan our future with a beat
Hold my hands with all your love let's count the falling raindrops
Because that's how much i love you

I lean my head on your shoulder
You rub my hair and kiss my hand
The raindrop falls into my cheek
Now i'm awake and you're not there

Is this everlasting or simply temporary
Is this real or just a flash of my clear fantasy

Relishing this scent of rain
I write my history and plan the future with a beat
Cross my fingers full of hopes, i'll count the falling raindrops
Because that's how much i'd love you

Contributed by Sydney I. Suggest a correction in the comments below.
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Comments from YouTube:

Shallow Stuff

wtf you can sing!!!

Chris Derek

yepp that's what I do 😁😁😁😁

Mad Hemsworth

sukakk, love this one,

maria kilapong

Keren bgt sih camera operatornya

Chris Derek

iya siapasih dia? <3 <3

Denada Dwi Putri S

perekkkk quuu {}

ka nurul