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by Christian Löffler

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Closterkeller Im dalej w las, tym więcej drzew, Ale droga bez powrotu…
Dr. Fiorella Terenzi/Thomas Dolby N.E.O. Near Earth Object. A solid body whose orbit lies wi…
Icons আয়নার কাছে বিস্মিত মন, বদলে যায় প্রতিসরন সামনে এসে দাঁড়ায…
Kalash Straight Hin hin J'suis tellement vrai que j'ai l'air fa…
Psycho le Cému Lying low, flying high, the stimulation that sheds ash The …
rurutia[] (鏡の中 覗いてごらんよ 瞳に映る新しい世界) 痛みに埋もれて 花びらのような君の小さな唇が 震え 色を無くして…
Slyder You are the one You are the one You are the one You…
ルルティア (Rurutia) (鏡の中 覗いてごらんよ 瞳に映る新しい世界) 痛みに埋もれて 花びらのような君の小さな唇が 震え 色を無くして…

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eleven My best in the world of their tunes You were my…
Eleven feat. Mohna My best in the world of their tunes You were my…
Haul It's far away Find this place, find this place Find this pl…
Swift Code feat. Marcus Roloff das grau von den Zäunen zurückgeworfene Licht hängt meterwe…

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Comments from YouTube:

Phinneas Gage

The intro in this song reminds me of the intro of journey to the line by hans zimmer (from the thin red line)

Ali Memarzadeh

exaaactly yeaah


Wow reminds me of Max Richter’s “On The Nature of Daylight”, featured in Shutter Island and Arrival. Those four notes

Beatriz Pinto


Ozan B.

This one and "Tuur mang Welten" by another German musician.... 😍😍

Urs Riggenbach

listen to this masterpiece on and on, awsome!


No coincidence that this is a killertrack. [INVEST IN NEO]


lots of thrill in my head
Ouaw... Its open my mind and I touch the sky. Thank you.

Konstantina Papanikolaou

loffler I love you.


@hadley bayley simp spotted

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