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by Christian Löffler

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On The Beach She came out with her best friend for the summer…

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eleven My best in the world of their tunes You were my…
Eleven feat. Mohna My best in the world of their tunes You were my…
Haul It's far away Find this place, find this place Find this pl…
Swift Code feat. Marcus Roloff das grau von den Zäunen zurückgeworfene Licht hängt meterwe…

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Comments from YouTube:

Борис Враголов

music like this was kompakt's trade mark in the early 2000's.

Emmron Odamax

Woke up to this song. I love Christian Loffler. Pure psychedelic bliss to say the least, 2017 and this song's still doing the business for me.

Vojtěch Hájíček

@Jl I like the dark places. I learn from the dark places.

Lone_wolf- 164561

@Jl yeah tell me about it! Took shrooms twice in 1 day and loss consciousness and woke up with my head down on the toilet like i was sleeping in school, also had a super loud buzzing in my head after and it felt warm inside my brain lol w e i r d


@Lone_wolf- 164561 yeah same goes for me. But stay safe give yourself time to recove. Ive been to dark places and that stuff sticks to me. Takes time to work through that.

guillermo m

7 sisters

Lone_wolf- 164561

@Fra Mrchl dont worry its not about the fun its about the scary big infinite universe that created us and getting to know it

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Mario Rodrigo G

Big Atmosphere, sweet sounds. Masterpiece! When i had a bad moment i use to hear this track and i feel better again!


Sii, anche a me mi tira su di morale..e magico

neno neno

Yeah man i feel in this Moment so, and youre right this music makes feeling you better ... the music turns you thinking better, turns you to look for better visions

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