Hey Paddy
Christy Moore Lyrics

From Rotherhithe in London to Bethnal by the Green
Paddy worked the buildings with the pick and shovel
Friday nights he'd always end up drinking with the lads
The craic was mighty with the navvies from the sod

There's a hooley on for Jimmy he's the gofor on the
They lifted him for sleeping rough they gave him forty
Days and nights
He's out again and crouching beside 'got ye's' fire for
Drinking billy after billy can of charcoal tea

Hey! Paddy, Hey! Paddy where have you been Paddy
Hey! Paddy where have you been (hi ho)
Hey! Paddy guess what we're taking you in Paddy
Hey! Paddy where have you been (hi ho)
Fol de doll de dairy do

Jimmy sang the rebel songs Paddy sang them too
Till the Rasta man from Trinidad whispered them the
Listen to me my good friend this warning take from me
The cops are lifting Paddy bastards from across the
Irish Sea

Sitting in a cafй down the Kings cross road
Drinking cappuccinos on a bellyful of beer
His head was only lifting he had twenty minutes left
For another cup of coffee and another cigarette

Lousy Monday morning on the tube Paddy read the rag
They were looking for a photo fit he was the one they
The coppers lifted him and took his photo for the files
And they kicked him in the bollix just to make him

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