Whacker Humphries
Christy Moore Lyrics

one day i was walking past the bridgeon dolphins barn, down by the old canal i saw some children in a car
in the back they were shooting up smack and i had a bird's eye view
when i dialled for help told me theres nothing we can do

On both sides of the river, clearly to be seen, down alon O'Connell street and up to Stephen's green
heroin sold openly, the was no need to hide,
drug squad were outnumbered, seems like their hands were tied

john whacker humphries, he's a family man
him and his wifre they gave the children everything they can#faced with the scourge of heroin
they'd not accept defeat
they joined other concerned parents
to put the dealers off the street

they marched on dealers houses and ordered them to quit
time and time again they warned "we've had enough of it"
dirty needles in our doorways junkies hanging all about
keep on dealing heroin, and your gonna be moved out

from st teresas gardens, to the flats in ballaels bun
concerned parents action action, and the dealers on the run
they swore they'd stick together till the heroin was stopped
can anybody tell me why they got their knuckles rapped?


They were rounded up and charged with crimes against the state
brought down to the green st. court, to decide their fate
there wasnt any jury, and there was no bail
concerned parents were taken off to jail

I was sitting in the gallery, with family friends and wives
I strained to hear who told the truth and who was telling lies
junkies duries and police on the prosecutions side
i swear to god thats what i saw

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Samuel Joseph Donnelly

Ask "whacker" about the Provo they marched on and set up for votes in council elections- set up by a brasser from the Barn named Lilly Healy- 18 fucking years in blocks/cages/ torture centres and back stabbed by wannabes from Dublin! Between Active service ( killing etc whacker in case you didn't know!!