Beutiful Delilah
Chuck Berry Lyrics

Beautiful Delilah, sweet as apple pie
Always gets a second look from fellas passin' by
Everytime I see her she's with a different guy
Beautiful Delilah, that's the reason why
Rebecca don't allow me to fool around with you
You are so tantalizing, you just can't be true

Beautiful Delilah dressed in the latest style
Swingin' like a pendulum walkin' down the aisle
Deep romantic eyes, speak so low and mild
Maybe you will settle down and marry after a while

Beautiful Delilah bathin' in the sun
Audience of seventeen, and notice not a one
Local Casanova
Wouldn't be outdone
Let her steal his heart away and break it just for fun

Contributed by Bella K. Suggest a correction in the comments below.
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Comments from YouTube:

bass reeves

fav chuck song."swinging like a pendulum, walking down the aisle"

Paul Hadfield

straycats covered this song on ''rock therapy' album, great song, if you get a chance checkout their version

a century of black music

beautiful rock n roll


Just finished a biography of Ray Davies. Yes they did cover this song. But to my knowledge, they only covered it live and only during
their early performances. I don't think they actually ever recorded it. And they dropped it when they became superstars.
However, I'm open to correction on these points.
Cier, Dublin


KInks recorded it:


OK. Thanks for that clarification.

Steph Stilley

+dexymydog Their cover appears on their debut album, Dave Davies takes lead vocal duties on that version

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