Move It
Chuck Berry Lyrics

Fifty-five Ford died right on the road
Drove for the curb, raised up the hood
Couldn't see nothing wrong, line o' cars long
Traffic bogged down, tryin' to drive around
Officer Lamar, walkin' toward the car:
"Move it!", "Come along move it",
"You cannot stop it here, now move it", "Move it"
"Get out of there, move it"

Three and two the count, bases loaded down
Slugger at the plate, known to hit 'em straight
Tension from the fans, shoutin' in the stands
Signal from the catch, pitcher's in the stretch
Bat 'n' ball crack, pitcher's backin' back:
"Move it!", "Move it!", "Get along, move it!"
"The ball is droppin' past, now" "Move it!"
"Let the ball, now, let's go home, now, move it!"

She drives a Mustang, she lets her hair hang
She dresses like a fish, makes you look and wish
Puts you in a trance, body built to dance
Disco queen, twistin' in between
Play a super song, watch her get it on
Pretty, wow!
"Get hip, move it!" "Move it"

Written by: CHUCK BERRY

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Comments from YouTube:


I never head this song before..till today..but not Chuck's version. George Thorogood does a hyped up rock n roll cover of this on his 2003 cd. Love it.


Great song to hear again. I bought this record in 79 when I was 14. For sure, it was out of the Disco era mood of the time but it was definitly a good song.


May not be his biggest record but still good and nevertheless very recognizably Chuck.

Matt P

fkn awsome

Matt P

yes yes!!


I like that fuc k real piece master. Chuck Berry No muere, pu ti tos !

Glauco Ventura

RIP Chuck Berry

Philippe Odent

a great tribute from NBZ here:


dont like the double tracked vocals

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