A month of sundays
Church Lyrics

Badman's woman with that look in her eye
You stop to wonder as she passes by
Something inside you is never the same
Something outside you is always to blame
Follow her home where she lives with some friends
They have some good things to add to the blend
The games expanded, invaded the place
You're the only one who's forgotten his face
You're saying no no no I must be on my way
But it really has been a pleasant night
And you go so slow hope they'll ask you to stay
But indifference gives you a fright
Walking outside you come to a door
You go inside and you wonder what for
At least it's good to be out of the wind
You turn around and the clocks all begin
Just like the winter your memory thaws
Just like the ocean your memory pours
So many pieces to match or to find
So many doubts to have in one mind
It's hard to see how the tables have turned
It's hard to see how the people have learned
It's hard to watch the past drizzling past
It's hard to watch them picking the cast
And it stacks up badly that it never makes sense
You sense that sensation is who's paying the rent
And she beckons to you with her fingers and lies
She says: can't you slice the price of your paradise


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Michael Seelinger

Way too few people get how great The Church is.

Joanne D. Klein

I highly agree with you love ❤️ this band

Alvaro T.

@Billy LaMore your story its very similiar as mine, i think i wad one of few people in México in 1988 listening The Church, i was 22 then, since that rhen i still keep following them. I bought my first Cds in USA, and theres no internet on that time, it was dificult

Billy LaMore

This is very true. When I heard Under the Milky Way for the first time, it was so hypnotizing! I was instantly hooked. I went to buy the CD at the record store and I saw the other albums that came before. One by one I collected them all, which was expensive for an 18 year old in 1988. I loved every song on every album! I felt like I was the only person in the U.S. that knew who they were, which I kinda liked. To this day, and I'll be 49 next month, The Church is still my favorite band ever!


Definitely the case in the U.S. It’s just sad that most people here think of them as a one hit wonder. In Australia they practically have Beatles-level status, and in the UK and Europe they have a pretty high profile. I’ve turned on so many people to their many albums (that aren’t named “Starfish”), and typically get unanimous positive reactions.

Roger Belger

no other band makes songs that sound like this. i cant even describe the church but their music really gives an awesome ambience, a remarkable feeling


52 spins around the sun. I have searched the world for the most beautiful music there is. This is still my number one.

chaz z

The Church such a sacred band to me.. always


This music is fantastic!

Jason Torres

Isn't this song wonderful?

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