Time Being
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Every day
As you notice the sun slips away
A strange turbulence fills the air
Gargoyles and winged monkeys
Descend into the city
Their teeth are bared, their claws outstretched
Down in the pit
I sense the unforgiving night rain down on the overworld
And its souls' unrest
As the temptation fades out
You jerk back into yourself
As if falling from a dream
Down comes the rain
Hot clear rain
Washing away our sins

Washing away the statues of Sharon Stone
Erosion of my solitude
Begins its race
And worms finally penetrating the warmth of my hiding place
Slithering in the blackness
All their coldness repels me
I use a .45 to give them some stick
Lightning and thunder cause the walls to shake
And someone searching through the debris
For the photograph of his wife
Oh I want life
I want it now and forever
I want to rise up out of this chamber and clamber into the sky

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Comments from YouTube:


This is FANTASTIC. Thank you!


Haha. I love it. No one's perfect no matter how we try to look like it. I'm guilty of that some times too.

V F Rodriguez Sr

This is awesome, love it, so true...

Amanda Hopkins

Haha - this is great! Reminds me of our Sunday mornings... :)


What kills me is when we all wake up 2 hours before church starts and still have trouble making it on time? It is like a time warp. I swear I could get ready the day before and still barely make it on time.


But make on time to work it’s all about what’s important to people I like being on time

Ole Aleksander Østhassel

We are very occupied with our image, covering our weaknesses. Good movie. Wake up call!

Drake Hunt

Different religion, same sunday morning prep! Love it!


My husband went ahead of me with our son and I followed in another car about 1- minutes behind. When we got there, my 13yo was complaining that I was walking too fast...wouldn't wait for her and that I "didn't care about her". That was it. I stopped right there in the parking lot and loudly declared "I am so sick of everything being about you and you...etc etc..." I look and there was a gentleman holding the door open for us..waiting for me to stop "almost yelling".

Ryker Nelson

My gosh this video was made for my family!!!! :) haha

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