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I Stayed Away Too Long
by Clarence Carter

i went to a house wher i use to go
you know the gras hardly then grown
up and cover the door there was a
man across the street he said who
do you see he said the girl now she
dont live there anymore and i said i
stayed away to long (stayed away to
long)i stayed away to long the man
looked at me he had a tear in his eye
he said son now you dont know how
much you made that girl cry now it
was six long months ago with a tall
handsome guy &&' she waved she
waved to me her last goodbye and
all i can do is stand there and say i
stayed away to long (stayed away to
long) i shouldnt been there when
she needed me i stayed away to
long oh i miss her so i stayed away
much to long wonder wonder if ill
ever see her again i stayed away to
long to long

Writer(s): Clarence George Carter

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Comments from YouTube:

Jessica Mcclain

this song i been listening to since i was little with my daddy i love this song music ain't what it use to be bk then it all had meaning half the crap now days you cant even understand

monah roberts

good memories man Clarence c

Phil Abner

monah roberts ,

melissa green

love this song

Punkin Mcneal

This song is heart felt

Bo Smith

I stayed away to long makes me cry

Kurstin Jenkins

Dam good song

Mr Bittle Mr Bittle

Thank you so much. I've been looking for this 1 for about 10 years.

Michael Brown

real soul.

trey murphy

thanks i been looking for this!

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