Hold Your Own
Classified Lyrics


[Verse: Classified]
They might say I lead a simple life, the type that don't excite
And yes I like to smoke more than light 'til night
I realize I got a problem, I'm high way too often
And only seem to acknowledge it after I indulge in it
Pull in my driveway, walk through my front door
Then make a bowl of cereal to conquer my hunger
See I like to eat before I slumber
Brushin my teeth and gettin clean, helps me to find my comfort
Jump in my bed and turn the TV back on
I feel like I was just here, the day don't ever last long
I feel like everyday's a cycle, I've learned to accept it
There's a lot of scenes to see, I need to learn to direct it
I turn the TV off and start brainstormin
Try to figure what I'm gonna do in the mornin
I know what it brings, I wonder what's in store though
I wonder what the hell I'm gonna do for tomorrow (do for tomorrow...)

[Male Narrator's Voice]
Goodnight, we'll see you tomorrow


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Comments from YouTube:

Tyler Barnes

Still slaps in 2019


THIS is crazyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!! CLASS for the win bitchess!


what a classic tune one of his bet.

tyler grattan

Fucking love this song,

brandon page

Real Rap Music !!!


+Marcus Grosomanidis you know Rap is where Hip Hop came from, right?

Marcus Grosomanidis

"Rap" is not real music. this is classic hip-hop and it's the best shit on the planet


miss this :'(

Sjoerd Err

classified is what people want these days, some music not about ho's drugs money? he raps with a reason thats what i missed along time.


missed class so much, nowadays the rap suck. Lil' wayne, wiz khalifa, mac miller, the 'new' snoop and all the others suck. class was doing real hip hop.

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