Talking Shit
Classified Lyrics

things about to hit the fan, hit the floor (classified) the record breaking (introducing) yo (the man, you the mans respect?)yo eh yo, eh yo i straight spit on fake cliques, make graces need braces, and hang em from their laces, i bring it back to basics, keep you wide awake,when you continue talking shit, like classified's a fake, uh uh uh uh, i represent a plus you a minus, i bust on these tracks with these raps and one liners, ten steps behind us, five years to catch up, im a vet on the mic but give me one beer im messed up, seeing double vision both eyes barely open, deep thoughts, arms crossed caught up for a brief moment, my beats potent, spittin words in a descrete motion, with free flowin litature to keep my people open, it shouldnt matter if your white or if your black, if your dope then your dope, if your wack then your wack, breaking boards over backs, of those who not trying, im knocking every internet mc ofline, cover every angle, checking every option, to many one-hit-wonders with they stock already dropping, i sit calm and watch them, move when its right, making moves in the night, i never lose on the mic ->chorus

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Comments from YouTube:

Mellie D

Classified you are so sick. You deserve so much credit. Thank you for spittin great lyrics and thank you for these dope beats. Much Love from Canada


classified is the only hope left for canadian music. And im knocking every internet MC offline!!!!

Robert Marlor

FINALLY FOUND IT oooo ive been looking for a long time for this song. sweeeeeet.


1995-2018 still listening.

Hip Hop Gold Mine

Emerson lake and palmer - from the beginning is the sample I think. DOPE!

Thomas D.

Ur a beast. MASTER!


Release Yo' Delf with Blue Raspberry , from the "Tical" album =)


nice upload thnx


@stewartc777 Yeah its Method Man on 16 chambers


from the beggining elp

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