Clair de lune
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Hi my name is jamie,
I had a father who was really good on playing piano he always wanted to let me play piano and i did he sometimes let me sit in his lap and let me play the piano

But one day he got sick because of kidney failure and the doctor said that he wont live much longer because he cant handle the pain
He could on only live for a year
He died on September

Hes last words are
"I cant wait for you to become the best piano player,and if you don't succed just play my piano for me and your family".
He died and saw him die on our bear eyes tears flowing down fron our eyes to the neck

And i became the person he wanted me to be

kabashi jay

Imagine listening to this music at midnight sitting by the lake, looking at the water, and see the reflection of the moon.

Don't try this when there's no moon, you will only see your self reflection.

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Mr Tortilla

Day 103: I’ve played Friday Night Funkin almost all day! It’s so addictive, I’m obsessed. I don’t know how I managed to complete my work😅


i hope you have a really nice day!!

Archie Evans

The story behind these updates is heart-breaking but so wholesome and wonderful. This made my day, thank u

Lee Felix

I love how you inspire other people in the comments to tell their stories too

Gray Prince

i love these comments. they make me cry paired with the song. it feels like a sad story where someone writes about their life everyday but we slowly see them struggle more and more. i wish i could write a screenplay for this.


Enjoy yourself man work is hard just dont get consumed then it's hard to break habits for example I stay up late every night and I have to fix my sleeping schedule

Mr Tortilla

Day 85: hello guys! People have been wondering why I have been commenting like this everyday. And although I did answer this in one of my comments replies, it’s quite understandable how some of you don’t know since it’s just hidden there, silly me. So I am here to answer it! The reason I am commenting like this everyday is because I used to have a very close relationship with someone who associated with this song. They’d play it to me when I was an infant, but unfortunately they have passed now. So to keep my spirits up, I’m commenting everyday about my daily life to give the idea I am still communicating with them. I know it’s silly but I guess this is my way of coping. That was the original idea. But I’ve noticed some of you have watched my attitude grow better throughout my story, and I find it nice some of you guys like reading them! So I won’t fail to provide!

Shiba ツツ

its enough to make a grown man cry

solid soup

This is braw.

some random commie

wow... this comment really made me cry.. i love your comments man, sorry if that sounds weird. its just so cool reading them i guess.

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