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Estampes: Jardins sous la pluie
Claude Debussy Lyrics

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Mickey Li

Its interesting to see people discussing the aggressive interpretation, but from what I've read about the piece, Debussy's original intent was to portray a garden in the Normandy town of Orbec during an extremely violent rainstorm, for which I think this interpretation, is... rather good, I get that image immediately :)

Scott W

I spent most of my formative piano years skipping over this piece because it just looked impossible - but when I finally forced myself to sit down and learn it, I found the patterns to fit under my fingers fairly easily (except for the augmented 6th section a little ways in). Really rewarding piece to learn.

Hervin Balfour

It's funny how people are saying this piece is "too fast". As if they knew the composers intentions. I recommend that people listen to Yvonne Lebefure's interpretation.(Or even Marcell Meyers). It's fast as well. But the point is Madame Lefebure learned the piece directly from Debussy himself.  I think that Debussy wanted it played at this tempo because all of the people that learned direclty from him or learned from students in his student lineage all play it like this.

Scott W

Since I was a student of DiPiazza, who was a student of Rubinstein, who was a student of Rachmaninoff, make me an expert interpreter of Rachmaninoff? I use Rach's "spoon" technique but it doesn't make me the be-all and end-all interpreter.


Lebefure or Lefebure ?

Alejandro M.

@rjm444 Academic music never ends buddy

vee kay

Sounds like YOU think that you know the composer's intentions, too.

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Ana Maria Solchaga

Bellísima, gracias por enviarlo👏👏👏👏👏


I took piano lessons, and this was my favorite piece to perform when I was 18.  I love Walter Gieseking's performance.  It's not too rushed.  Brings back nice memories.


do you have any advice on how to play this piece well? i just started learning it and it's a struggle

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