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Images Book 1: No. 1. Reflets dans l'eau
Claude Debussy Lyrics

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Reverie Our love is a dream, but in my reverie I can…

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@Francisco Petracco I see now, you're attempting to turn this into a matter of semantics, definitions of Jazz, Pop and Blues vary significantly. Let's move onto what you got wrong in totality:

1) this notion that Elton makes "three chord songs." 100 percent false. Bennie and the Jets, Your Song, Don't let the sun, Goodbye Yellow Brick Road, all have 3, 4, or even 5-fold that amount of chords, and even then the "same" chords have different inversions and extended harmonies of each other. Even his most simple of songs, like Crocodile Rock, has double the amount you claimed. And to answer your question, they are derived from jazz in the build of chords, the uncertain nature of melodies, volstile progressions, and in instrumentation and performance, including improvised solos in between conventional verses.

2) This is just a continuation of the last thought, but, jazz, and the components that define it and can be derived from it, go beyond "phrasing and rhythm." Refer to above.

3) Extended harmonies were NOT popular before debussy. In fact, what debussy did with chords was music theory taboo in the romantic period. That era was defined by conclusive cadences and strong, consonant chord builds, 7ths usually being the limit. Sure, it "existed" before debussy, but debussy popularized it, therefore, it's safe to conclude that in Elton John's extended harmonies came from debussy, more so than a Beethoven or a Bach.

Oh yeah, and don't forget your opening statement being that we claimed Elton is a jazz composer.

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Adam Lee

This piece never ceases to amaze me the more I hear it. Debussy is very literally painting with music - Images is the perfect name for this collection. I can't quite comprehend how much genius it requires to compose something like this. And it is also masterfully played by Hamelin. Dynamics, expression and technique are all so fluidly intertwined. I know I'll end up replaying it another ten times once I've posted this. So, so beautiful.


@two scoops the word “impressionist” was a bit of a derogatory term in the art world back then. Art critics would criticize people like Monet and call his artworks just vague impressions rather than real art. Debussy probably didn’t want to be associated with that. But Impressionism is the best term to describe Debussy’s music.

two scoops

I know and he said he never wanted to be an impressionist, kills me

Marcus Valdes

I met him in Atlanta when he played Spivey Hall a couple of years ago. Nice man...

Simon Hoarau - Piano

@247Northwest I love Chopin, Debussy too ! I also love Liszt and Ravel so much. Une barque sur l'océan, Ondine, Jeux d'eau, every piece he make with water is so majestic, so powerful, it transcribe the mysterious and imprevisible movements of water. And Pavane pour une Infante déunte, le Gibet and Scarbo, there's so many aspects of these composers that I didn't discovered yet <3


Why apologize?! Don't succumb to the pernicious influence of the "snowflake fallacy" Either stand for something or shut up.

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Lex Luthor

Ah, yes. The classical/romantic era recording would not be complete without the quintessential cough in the audience.

Alejandro Sanchez

Thanks Lex Luthor, very cool!


@Camille Delorme ok thank you for your explanation :) didnt know that

Camille Delorme

@jere You probably know that Wikipedia is not the master in the matter, it is not reliable. Personally I worked on the aesthetic interconnections between the music of Debussy and his time and this is what I can say : to say that Debussy is impressionist amounts to attributing to him the characteristics of pictorial impressionism, which is characterized by a lack of precision in the lines.  Take a tour of Paris to visit the Musée de l'Orangerie or Orsay Museum. Quite the opposite, because Debussy's music is extremely precise in terms of structure, language and notation. I also want as proof the correspondence of Debussy and the studies made by François Lesure, Denis Herlin, Edward Lockspeiser, Jean-Michel Nectoux which show that Debussy was not receptive to impressionist artists such as Monet, Pissaro. He was with Turner, Whistler. Finally, Debussy is of symbolist inspiration, as his relations with Mallarmée, Pierre Louys, Maeterlinck show. Pelléas et Mélisande is a purely symbolist play, like the afternoon of a faun, a poem by Mallarmée that Debussy set to music. Finally, hier is what Debussy wrote to his editor Durand about the Images, in March 1908 : "I’m trying to do something else, to create realities that fools call "impressionism", a term as misused as possible, especially by art critics."
That you didn't see it on Wikipedia 😉

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