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La Mer: III. Dialogue du vent et de la mer
Claude Debussy Lyrics

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My Reverie Our love is a dream, but in my reverie I can…
Reverie Our love is a dream, but in my reverie I can…

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Comments from YouTube:

Salvo Rizzo

7:20, the only version where you can clearly hear the cellos, and violins, so clear! And 6:38 one of a few of versions where trumpets are included on the partiture. Bravo Claudio!!

Angelo Gervasio

Another detail to point out which you can hear in this version is at 7:54 you can hear the trumpets really well. The trumpets go crazy and it's so good. In most other versions, you can't hear the trumpets at that point. I'm not the biggest fan of Claudio Abbado's interpretations but this is just amazing! This is my favourite version of La Mer! Bravo Claudio Abbado!

Paul WL

The best thing to ever come out of Eastbourne

паля 🤩

То самое чувство когда тебе задали послушать это по музыке👍🏻

Платон Plays

То же самое)

Nu Retro

It's lovely how the music's motion plays over the surface of the orchestra and its players exactly the way the wind of a storm does across the face of the sea! Sheer Debussy genius.

Lex Luthor

The ending part must be loud for the musicians.

Ian Castillo

Oh yeah this one's a banger

Gianni Dainotti


HoLy Ne4eCTb


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