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La cathédrale engloutie
Claude Debussy Lyrics

We have lyrics for these tracks by Claude Debussy:

My Reverie Our love is a dream, but in my reverie I can…
Reverie Our love is a dream, but in my reverie I can…

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My vision of it all:

0:00 - Misty morning, an empty lake.
0:40 - You can't help but notice something in the distant fog.
1:15 - You're certain there's something going on, and you step up to watch.
1:26 - The water starts moving, and waves come crashing back at where you stand. The bell tower starts rising.
1:47 - Your eyes aren't fooling you, so the legend must be true. The magnificent structure rises in its full glory.
2:08 - There it stands at last. The distant fog moves out of the way.
2:35 - You hear the glorious organ playing.
3:36 - The cathedral slowly gets obscured by the fog once again.
4:23 - The cathedral relives the events, and slowly the ocean swallows it up again.
5:13 - You see the final tip of the bell tower drown into the ocean, and thick layers of fog make it impossible to spot anything anymore.
5:28 - You feel as though you can still hear the organ playing from beneath the water.
6:19 - The lake is empty again. You move away but look back with a smile. For what you have experienced, was only there for a moment.

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Walter Theus

Wonderful performance. As good as this fellow's hands are, his feet are better. I don't think non-pianists have a clue how difficult it is to pedal something like this. I don't know if Freire uses the sostenuto pedal in the big middle section, but whatever he does is just perfect. I have the "real thing" pedal on my Steinway grand, but it's difficult to catch just the big C octave without picking up extraneous notes. I suppose that's why he's a concert artist and I'm a lawyer. That and a lot of other things!

PurpleHazeRunner X

You sir have a beautifull piano at the reach of your hands... play as often as you can and enjoy!


Having played this piece I can say that the middle pedal on the piano is used to sustain the low C while the upper parts are played with the right (sus) pedal with a lift between each note which is why the upper notes don't sustain. The middle pedal acts as a sustain for the lower half of the keyboard, and was added specifically for pieces like this with a low sus note.

Fred Vacher

You are a lawyer and a musician!

Adrian David Canfield

@Samuel Bishop I'm very late to the party, but I think what was intended is that manual transmissions are very uncommon in the United States (not totally unheard of, as I live in the United States, and I drive one), so a mention of a European gearbox is more likely to mean that it has a manual transmission.

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0:41 E Lydian 1:27 B pentatonic 2:09 C pentatonic 2:55 C Mixo-lydian 3:58 C# Dorian 4:25 C# Aeolian 5:51 C Mixo-lydian



Rayne Goins

You are a true G


@Mason Jar poggers fr

Mason Jar


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