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La danse de Puck
Claude Debussy Lyrics

We have lyrics for 'La danse de Puck' by these artists:

D. T. Son Là-bas, Zorba dans son pays S'élance, il danse le sirtaki Dé…

We have lyrics for these tracks by Claude Debussy:

My Reverie Our love is a dream, but in my reverie I can…
Reverie Our love is a dream, but in my reverie I can…

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Comments from YouTube:

caroline and tigger

Mr. Barenboim you are certainly the best. I love watching you perform and learning from your technique.

Belita William

So French! I love Debussy and Ravel! To me they are the ultimate composers!!

Asriel Kujo


Eternal Classics Brothers

Great playing! I just uploaded this piece too :)


Really didn't need that raspy French man at the end but okay

Mikel Dale Etxebarria

Anyone know what the French bit means?

Pierre-André Kranz

@Sim mo ça me semble parfait (je ne me souvenais m plus de cette traduction). Votre anglais est parfait... bonne journée

Sim mo

​@Pierre-André Kranz "People qualify me as a revolutionary, but i didn't invent anything. I've at most presented old things in a new way. There's nothing new in art. My musical sequences, which are variously commented on, aren't inventions : i've already hear them all. Not in churches, in myself. Music is everywhere. It isn't locked up in books. It's in the woods, the rivers, in the air." I hope I did the translation well, I'm French so maybe I made mistakes...

Mikel Dale Etxebarria

Thanks so much Pierre!

Pierre-André Kranz

here is the transcription in French. If you can't make it out, I'll translate it later.
"On me qualifie de révolutionnaire, mais je n’ai rien inventé. J’ai tout au plus présenté les choses anciennes d’une nouvelle manière. Il n’y a rien de nouveau en Art. Mes enchainements musicaux, dont on parle si diversement, ne sont pas des inventions : je les ai déjà tous entendu. Pas dans les églises, en moi-même. La musique est partout. Elle n’est pas enfermée dans des livres. Elle est dans les bois, dans les rivières, et dans l’air."

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