La plus que lente
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Oh yes sir!! I've been learning this piece so I can play it to a elderly friend of mine. His mother played it for him, and now that she passed away, I want to do it for him.

Nahar A



What a beautiful sentiment 🌻

Rene Glp



I know you probably won't read this, but this is my favorite interpretation of this piece I've ever heard. Thank you so much

Devon Christopher

@Gentleman Croc differentiating interpretations of different musicians needs training too. Even I now (9 years of practicing) still can't comprehend everything that my teacher's saying about interpretation

Gentleman Croc

@Rishard Lampese i don't like Lang Lang interpretation of stuff like la campanella and Hungarian Rhapsody

Rishard Lampese

@Gentleman Croc Each pianist interprets each part a little differently. For example some interpret the Appassionato at 1:30 more or less dramatically. I prefer it very dramatic and flowing which really isn't done that way here, although I do agree this overall performance is very good. Authur Rubinstein's performance is excellent in terms of accuracy of articulation, but I'm not fond of that performance. I prefer more the way Debussy himself played it in 1913. And although Debussy's portrayal of the notation is looser in rhythmic accuracy, his feeling and flow suit my taste much better.

Gentleman Croc

@Ian Dinerstein well bc I only listened to 3 of these and they sound the same after I found out they were different

as g

Dude same, this is my favourite interpretation of this piece

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