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Nocturnes: II. Fêtes
Claude Debussy Lyrics

We have lyrics for these tracks by Claude Debussy:

My Reverie Our love is a dream, but in my reverie I can…
Reverie Our love is a dream, but in my reverie I can…

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Comments from YouTube:


Debussy makes himself master of impressionism by writing these powerful pieces. I love the man!


An amazing combination......using the 20th century`s scales and the 18th~19th century`s orchestration.

Lowell Thomas, Jr.

Listening to his compositions while viewing high quality photographs of "Impressionist" paintings is a lot of fun. Here in San Antonio, Texas, we are blessed to have The McNay Art Museum where the original oil paintings of many impressionists hang.


It is good to note, however, that some parts of La Mer and many of his late piano etudes ( which I play in the piano) are still considered avante garde even by today's standards.:)

Aurélien Beauchêne

Si seulement un nouveau Fantasia pouvait sortir d'ici dix ans, avec la participation de Pixar... Il faut que ce sublime morceau impressionniste y figure!

If only a new Fantasia could make it out in the next ten years, with Pixar's participation... This magnificent impressionist musical piece must be in it!




Heard it yesterday in a production of "A Midsummer Night's Dream". It worked well with the setting.

Kiet van trong

he should be the biggest composer in my opinion

Lisa Wanko


Lowell Thomas, Jr.

God has blessed me, as the great musico, Charles Mingus, once said!

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