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Pour le piano: Sarabande
Claude Debussy Lyrics

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Reverie Our love is a dream, but in my reverie I can…

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Comments from YouTube:

Carl Bowlby

This is Debussy at his finest. I’m not a huge fan of his speedier numbers except “Dr. Gradus ad Parnassus, etc.” from his suite bergamasque. But when Debussy employs all those wonderfully rich chords and the player allows the sonority of these chords to ring out it sounds like the most beautiful church bells tolling. Gorgeous.


@Carl Bowlby Thanks for responding - I found the story behind the title to be very interesting. The eye captivated me ever since I saw it, so it's cool to know that you painted it yourself:')

Carl Bowlby

@JM why thank you! My profile pic is my painting of an eye which my sister helped me name “Shen”. I’m not entirely sure what it means or where she got it, but it has something to do with her acupuncture work and Chinese herbology. Sry I can’t be of more help but yea it’s my painting. Thanks for noticing!


Beautiful comment. I am curious, what is the name of the painting or drawing in your profile picture ?

Logan Tipaza

Have heard many, many versions of this (including my own...hehe), and still think this is the best one. Perfect tempo and a lovely sonority. It's actually slow, like it should be!! Thank you.


It's like watching a lyrics video, but in a language that can say more than any word can, in one dot.


I like how you put the music up. I love watching the notes and seeing the characters spell out the music, as the piano sings :)

Mark Lathan

Beautiful music; beautifully played!

Max Wagner

Wow this is fantastic.


Perfect interpretation!!!

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