The Girl With the Flaxen Hair
Claude Debussy Lyrics

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Caitlyn Cherro

"Have you not looked at her? She is the prettiest little creature in the world; hair of a silver blond, blue eyes already rebellious and languishing at the same time."

"But what do you say to this passion?"

"These first needs of the heart are so imperious, these outpourings of amorous melancholy in young people are at once so sweet and so bitter that they have often all the real marks of passion."

-Athos, Comte de la Fere.

Edit: Wow, thanks for all the likes!

Shin-i-chi Kozima

Things in this world are easy to change , ephemeral , and easily forgotten , like the events in a dream of a sleep .

Debussy's masterpiece will transcend and surpass time , race , nation and space

There is something extraordinary in this performance

Tokyo of the Land of the Rising Sun 🇯🇵

Sophia Postma

The girl with the flaxen hair,
As she ran through the meadow,
The sun making her hair seem as though it was gold,
Brought light into my life.

The girl with the flaxen hair,
As we lay for endless hours in the grass,
Her smile shining brighter than the sun itself,
Brought a smile to my face.

The girl with the flaxen hair,
As we poured over our favorite books,
Bringing the stories to life with our infinite imagination,
Brought knowledge to my mind.

The girl with the flaxen hair,
As the sun set below the horizon,
And the crickets began to sing,
Brought me peace, at last.

I just wrote this on the spot, no edits, but I thought I would post it in case anyone wanted to read it. I sometimes write poems based off classical pieces, and this is what came to mind for this beautiful piece.

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yet another banger from my man claude


he dont miss fr

Bill Atkin

Debussy! The dude to put you in the mood!


Dabussy let’s gooooo

Kristos Demerutis

The bussiest of them all, a badonkadonk of a bussy

Tertiary taygeta

Your man? OUR man! The one and only, the claude, the bussy!

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Phyllis Petras

I played this at my first piano recital in 1953, 12 years old Great shout out to my late piano teacher, Glen Nichols who went to Fountainebleau every summer for master classes with Nadia Boulanger. When we finished the recital, all of us went out for banana splits! Mama bought my pale pink evening gown for $50, with the grocery money! It was pink taffeta underneath and the top layer was embroidered wih silver threads. We dressed up in those days. The boys wore tuxedos. Mama was a good sport for music!. She let my brother's entire drum section practice paradiddles in his bedroom! This is one of my favorite memories. I will turn 81 next January 21, and will try to live longer. Healing and pure joy comes from music. Cheers to all you lovely people.

Jeanne Winn

What a delightful memory. As your contemporary the setting you describe feels like a familiar scene from my past as well.


Thank you for that memory, Phyllis. You made my day!

Katherine Tudor

That is a beautiful, perfect memory and it is a very beautiful piece of music. I wish you all the love and security in the world. Take care x

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