Beatus vir
Claudio Monteverdi Lyrics

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M Garcia

By far, the best recording I have heard of this piece. I just love it. I could listen to it over and over. I think the tempo is just right and sthe blend is perfect.

A. V. Melchior

Thank you for this offering! We did this in college choir, as humble as it was, and everyone loved it! The instruments add so much to the impact of this psalm. I enjoy all your postings...thanks again! Fr. Joseph H.

Palestrina's Masses

Monteverdi's music is so delightful to listen to. Also, i find that his style of melody, use of repetition, and technique of arrangement are actually somewhat "pop"-ish. Obviously his music is a lot more beautiful and substantial than the popular music of today, but what differentiates him from both his Renaissance predecessors and later-Baroque and Classical followers is his music doesn't strive to be "complex", "sophisticated", "natural" or "humble"-- it had no agenda other than sounding good!

Juan Eduardo Villarraza

It´s really a wonderful version! Really enjoyable.

Taylor Harper

UGH!!!! This song is perfect. If one of those 'mainstream' artists finds this unmistakably wonderful piece of art, and 'remakes' it, I will be utterky furious. I cant wait for an opportunity to be apart of a Chorale that would perform this properly. Just as these fine musicians have done. In my opinon the tempo is impeccable at most times, but at others it seems a bit fast for the period. Does anyone know who conducted or performed this piece? I would love to download there works


I find the square tempo perfect: one has to let the harmony/counterpoint sink in; doing this one can understand the joy of "beatus" as a harmonious one, in harmony with nature, counterpoint, etc, but I agree that the triple time might be more jubilant, dancing - and you can stretch it a bit then for the fusae.


Very difficult to sing but totally worth it when you get it right!


Since the model for this piece ("Chiome d'oro" ) is often taken at a really fast clip, there are some who feel this piece must be done at the same pace. I tend to disagree-- I would take this work a *shade* or two faster HOWEVER. . .that being said, this is beautifully done, with careful and sensitive attention to details like phrasing blend, diction, etc, and there is no denying the joy and conviviality of the music, or the skill of the performers and their interpretation.


Wow amazingly beautiful and well crafted piece... One of my favourites so far.


Very nice and clear. Rewarding voice.

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