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by Clear Tigers

Staying up late almost every night,
Talking to you on the phone
Low in the dark in the cold
And every moment gets shorter and shorter
And everyone feels on their own

Let's go swim out in the moon's glow
Sleep in an igloo with you
Look at the stars and the moon
My pace is glacial
But I'll take you to all
The places you've wanted to go

I should've known
Too good too be true
But for what it's worth
It won't stop until
It's through with you, you, you, you, ooh ooh.

Let's take a break
From the cold wind today
Walk up and down in the mall
Trees aging red in the fall
And all of the animals stare at you coldly
They think you look tasty to eat.

Let's go

Look at the ocean again
Water feels cold on my hands
Leave all our things on the sand
And I've got a feeling
That soon you'll be leaving
Don't know if you'll be back again.

I should've known
It's too good to be true
For what it's worth
It won't stop until it's through with you,
You, you, you, you, ooh ooh.

Most of the time
You don't know what to do
You just walk in a straight line
Act like there's plenty of time
You sweet talk yourself into going along with the plan that has already failed

There's not anything now left to do
Many shouldn't have died
You just got lucky and dumb
And every life brings you closer and closer
And everyone beats you in the end.

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