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by Clepsydra

I let my mind run
Beyond the edge of my loneliness;
I don't want to accept it;
I don't want to look at the real world.

I write without ideas: no story to tell,
And I struggle with my reluctant pen;
Which sticks on the paper with mortal ennui,
And my hand doesn't seem to move anymore.

What is happening to me once again?
I can't realize the sense, the sense,
The movement of this machine;
I was wrong wanting to love you again,
But thinking it over, it wasn't me who
Came back to you.

My steps echoes on the night's empty street,
My legs are carrying me leadlessly: a party?
Too many people, pretending to amuse themselves,
While my steps are running I look for a new dream.

And maybe it will be just a hologram!
And maybe one day the machine will be lit,
And maybe one day this hologram will come to life,
And maybe it will give the way to this new dream.

"Bring me another drink, please."
And slowly, the withdrawal starts;
"Don't stare at me like this!
You know I can't stand it."

My look betrays my thoughts,
But with a little effort I'll be able to smile.

What is happening to me once again?
Leave me alone, let me fall,
And don't stop, and don't stop my crazy run towards nothing,
Leave me at this distance where all this doesn't, doesn't exist.

I will return when I have concealed my hologram
In the most hidden part of my mind;
Where time will never destroy this hue,
Where time neither exists for you!

The withdrawal is delaying,
I want to switch it off;
I want to stop this fucking machine;
...waiting for better times.

Where are you? Where do you hide?
But in the end, what do I really want?
A last hologram, just the last one,
And then, I promise! I'll look for another dream...!

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